Uncounted Reasons Why I Write Depressing Shit.

It is known that The Prestigious Writers’ Club has often been hailed for writing depressing shit. But little do people know that depression is one of the most significant motivating factor of our creative writing and inventions. Depression or melancholia have deep connections with our creativity and productivity.  Throughout history we have learned that due to great misfortunes, sadness or depressions people were forced or motivated to come up with something. No happy-go-lucky ever got off his ass and started working on anything. Wars were the reason for so many terrifying yet great inventions, anti-Jews drove Einstein out of Germany. What if he stayed in Germany? Would he have been able to be the great scientist as he were when he was in America. Let’s talk about poets, there are many quotes that says that a broken heart is worth more than a heart in one piece. Why? Because a man who has had his heart-broken has learned from his mistakes, thus being wiser than his jolly companion. Many great poems were written when the poet was rather melancholy. You can’t make them feel shit, if you don’t feel the shit yourself (pardon my crass use of these vulgar words. It’s something that comes with the ‘carelessly classy’ package). The source of depression aren’t heartbreak and break-ups only. Many people are sad due to mental illnesses. They are victims to Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Depression, Anxiety Disorder, and ADHD. I myself can account to at least  two of these mental illnesses. Statistics have shown that a majority of the people in the creative field are living with mental illnesses. You just cannot be creative if you do not have a spark of madness in you.
Surely we love the funny movies and the romantic ones. But which are the movies and stories that we cherish and keep in our heart?  I still remember Adrien Brody’s fantastic acting in the movie The Pianist. I can still recall Ethan Hawke starring in the most awesome Sci-Fi movie I have ever seen: Predestination. Not to mention V For Vendetta and the sad truths about politics and corruption. It is the sad parts that makes it all real, that makes us cry. I can guarantee 10/10 bucket full of tears unless if you are some cold hearted asshole. Sorry, sorry, I acted out of control

 This article was not revised, nor even looked upon twice. So leave a criticism you sarcastic arrogant prick! (just kidding, don’t take it seriously.)


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