My Safe Haven

I walked through the silent, dark road. But it had never been this silent before. The chattering and hearty giggles of the little rosy children, their yellow hard caps glistening in the warm happy sunlight, rang in my ears. But this was all my imagination…because I have seen that horror – the horror that the great nations had brought and what snatched away all the happiness, all the peace, the little flickering memories I cherish in this ghastly moment of silence. I knew the silence would devour me eventually but for now, I had to let it slip past me because I had to complete something before losing myself. The only haven I have now is my room, where I lived so happily with my beautiful wife and my sweet young daughter even a few hours ago. But ‘haven’ is not the right word anymore…because the only two people I cared and loved the most in my life has forever faded away. Few minutes before, my comrade Lieutenant Hernandez informed me that…the dead bodies of my sweet wife and child were found in my room. They were killed, I knew. I don’t know how I accepted this so easily, I never thought I would. So, now I’m walking to that room, to my room. It would be my end soon, I knew. My left arm was bleeding and I really didn’t care about the two bullets under my ribs because… I wanted to meet them and I want to be with them for eternity.

I stood in front of my half-blasted home. There was hardly any existence of walls; ashes covered the tiles which were not intact either. I had never felt the need to sweep them and when Angelina wanted to, I refused saying that this ash will be a sign of our suffering, the war which we fought even though we thought we had peace. I lazily walked in straight, ignoring everything that was in my way. I knew those two were waiting for me and I had to return to them. My left arm ached. I clutched my chest and stood in front of the steel door of my room. It was half open and I knew why. I slightly pushed the door with my right hand and the door swung open. I felt my heart sinking when I saw that my Angelina and Josephina were not there. I wanted to find them so desperately but as
I was going to turn, my leg slipped and I dropped down. I had to stand up, I had to find them but I was so helpless. My end was near….

I looked up. There was that rusty, steel bed I brought in my room four years ago. It was small but perfect for the three of us to sleep in. I stared at it and reminisced. Four years ago, I bought this house. I had married Angelina that time and she chose this room for us. I was not that rich, I was rather poor, but she lived so happily with me. We slept on a mattress yet she never complained.  But I felt guilty so, I brought this bed from my cousin. And when Josephina was born, I did not have a cot to put her in. Thus, she slept in this bed for the first time in her life.

My heart pained. I flipped and coughed. I struggled to reach my desk because I had to do one last thing before I die. The floor was covered in my thick, dark blood. I looked up at the walls. There were hundreds of doodles on them. It looked beautiful and cute. Josephina wanted to become a graffiti artist and I thought she should start with my room. I touched the cold surface of the wall. I didn’t know why but I felt a strange sadness for this room. I didn’t want to leave it, leave all my memories. The room I had spent so many hours of my life, my room which is my only refuge in this time of my life- I felt it wanted to say something, say farewell to me perhaps. I wanted to cry all my sadness away. And I knew that no great nation had the right to deprive me of my wish inside these four walls. I could cry, laugh, curse or even kill myself here and no one had the right to stop me. Because…it was my room…my safe haven.

I see Angelina and also Josephina. They looked happy. A strange enchanting glow blinded my eyes. Drops of tears fell from my eyes. They put their hands before me. As I grabbed their hands I knew I have won and I knew I was happy. Before I lose my consciousness I want to thank this world. I am thankful I am dying in my favourite place….Bye, my sweet haven….



Name- Fahmia Uddin ; Class- 7 ; Sec:O  ; Roll-8  ;ID–1001050040

This story was written by Fahmia Uddin for the Prestigious Writing Competition held in November 2015. She won the 1st position for the 12-15 age group.


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