They Cared.

I was left home all alone after they went for the so-called urgent meeting they had. I knew it was important, since they have been working at this office for over a month now. They told me that it might lead to an increment and our lives might change forever. But it didn’t change my mind. I stuck to my decision – I believed they should have paid more attention towards me.

This belief lead to the rise of another belief within me. I believed that I couldn’t do any worse without them, and that I could live my life better. I didn’t want their attention anymore. Thus, I started ignoring my parents long before that day.

A week before that day , I told them that all my friends had a car, and that I wanted them to buy, at least, a family car, if not any of the cars I liked. But I may have been too insignificant for them to listen to me. They just laughed at me and it upset me so much that I didn’t leave my room until it was time for dinner. I believed I needed them to only to feed me and support me financially. 

Few days before that week they told me to change my friend-circle, only because THEY DID NOT LIKE IT. ‘Who are they to judge my circle, cause I don’t need them anymore! Why do they pretend they care. I don’t see any love.’ – was what my mind barked.

It was getting late, as the clock already hit 10 pm. I was almost sure that they got the increment and went off to a restaurant or to the movies, without me. I was walking towards my bedroom and I was so pissed off that I wanted to curse my life until I fell asleep. And as I reached to turn the doorknob into my room, the doorbell rang, and I was amazed to see how quick the party ended. 

As I opened the door, there stood a huge body before me, in a uniform with a badge. 

‘Yes, Officer, may I help?’

‘Yes, son, we have to talk’

We sat in the living room, where he told me that my parents had a car accident. A drunk lorry driver crashed into them, and that I had to go to the Hospital to identify the bodies.

My jaw dropped, ‘You must have had a misunderstanding, we don’t even own a car!’

‘Your parents had the car’s papers and receipts, it was bought today.’

After identifying the dead bodies to be of my parents, the officer took me to the Police Station from the hospital. Then he dropped me home, where I cried myself to sleep.

Next day, at school, my friends joked about my parents. That they themselves were responsible for their death. That they shouldn’t have driven the car if they didn’t know shit about driving. I cried home, because I did care. I cursed myself for thinking they didn’t care, that I didn’t care, that before I didn’t give a fuck about them, whereas now, I did care.

I was done with life.


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