I shot him

He laid there dead. He had once promised that he’d teach me to fly a kite, but I knew, I knew it was all his fault. When mom passed away, it was only me and him.

The next day my dead father was taken in for a postmortem, while I was cuffed and was being taken behind the steel bars.

Yes. Yes, I was accused of putting that bullet into him. Maybe because I believed he killed mom. Did he? Or was I blinded by what I believed during that trauma.

It was all during their vacation. Having my exams ahead, I stayed back, while they flew to Spain. They went together, and returned too, but my dad alive, and my mom – Dead. I believed it to be a stroke or something, until I saw those postmortem reports in papers that dad threw away.

She had been poisoned – said those reports, but dad never spoke to me about that. I always believed him to be the best husband my mom could get. But this belief soon faded away, when I noticed him to have slowly turned towards his secretary – Alex. She was a pretty blond who, I don’t know, if, had any qualities for being a secretary. She was newly appointed.

I shouldn’t be saying this, but I loved mom more. She was always frank, loving and inspiring. Now that she was gone, dad was my only choice to look up to.

I was late that night, and went in unlocking the door with the keys I always carried. I went in his room to see if he already slept. He sure was asleep – with Alex in his arms.

I shouted to him, when both woke up, covering their bare bodies. I left them alone and went to my room.

It was after five minutes he came in, now clothed, and argued why I didn’t knock first. My question was obvious – “Why were you sleeping with her! Mom was your wife!”

“Boy I got a life. Gotta move on, right? And look, we are getting married next month.”

“What? What about mom? Are you crazy!”

“She is dead, Max.”

“Oh, I know she was killed.”

After a lot of arguing, he barked up – agreed and admitted.

“Who killed her, dad? Don’t you love her anymore? Is it what she deserved?”


Furious I was. I knew where he kept his gun, and soon it was in my hand.


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