Purity Coated with Poison


New school, new life.
New air, fake smile.
New friends, all lie.
Good times, goodbye.
Tries to find ,good guys.
But ends up, with cries.
Friendly nature, such a curse.
Injustice , everywhere in the universe.
She fails in all her theories.
Leaving her eyes all teary.
She sees it, everything falling.
She feels it, everything breaking .
She likes to smoke now.
Good-hearted girl going bad.
One hope, she had.
Lost it, tragic and sad.
Everything disappears.
Nothing is like as it appears .
Sometimes its goodness.
Sometimes its evil
And sometimes we gonna sell our soul to the devil.
Sometimes guilt
We just need to tilt
A pure girl she was
Now faded in smoke
But purity had to die one day
As people loved to poke.
Purity is now long gone
Cause its now coated with poison and hence started a new dawn.


( A huge credit for the poem goes to Nahian Kabir who helped me a lot with this)


13 thoughts on “Purity Coated with Poison

  1. Loved the poem Fiza.
    One of your best works. :’)
    I really can thank you enough for giving me an opportunity to edit such an awesome piece of literature.
    Loved the rhyme and the theme.
    Keep writing πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

  2. The theme is really moving. Growing up, this was one of the main things my parents never moved my schools, because of the depression tey knew it could cause. Love how you portrayed this. Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

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