Emily’s Maze

This story was written for the writing competition back in November.



I have experienced some adventurous journey. The journey started 1 year ago when I was in class 5. My school organized a trip for six lucky students to go on summer camp on another city for 2 weeks.

Our VP sir picked up slips from a jar. From there he picked the six slips and said loudly “The six lucky person is ………………………. Ayesha, Tiffany, Irene, Chris, Park and Luhan”. Coincidentally it was me and my classmates! They also announced the city we are going Old Dhaka (Puran Dhaka).

We left Dhaka after 2 days. With us some teachers are going for our guidance.

We arrived there after 5 hours. The place we were going to stay was an apartment. It was calledThe Emily’s Maze”. As far as I know that tourist people stay there. When we entered the building everyone was quite scared because it was so old from inside. Spider web was in every corner. Dust was in floor.

When we went to the counter an old woman was sitting. She was very gloomy. Wrinkles was all over her face. Her hair was white in color. Her eyes was red. Her voice sounded like evil or ghost. Our teacher asked about the room number. She said300,301,302,303.” 300 room was for male teachers, 301 room was for female teachers, 302 room was for boys and 303 room was for girls. So, our teachers walked forward. I was about to go but that old woman hold my hand very tight and saidBe careful.I let my hand go out of her and run towards my teachers. Chris and Park was there with me that time too. Park said to me that not to say to our teachers.

The room was quite big. There was three separated bed and one table. There was a window beside one bed so, I took that bed. On the wall there was a huge photo frame of a girl. She was crying in that picture. Suddenly someone knocked our door and it was my friend Chris. He said us that to come out for a meeting. We locked our door and went there.

We went to our teacher and they said that today we are not going to anywhere. So, I thought of exploring the building.

At first we started from down stair, on the reception the old woman wasn’t there. We saw lots of photo frame of lots of people. While walking we saw a room. We went near it and on top of it was writtenDON’T OPEN!but I still tried to open it but Luhan called us so I couldn’t.

It was night we all went to our room. I, Irene and Tiffany was talking. It was almost 11:00 a.m. so, we went for sleeping. I waked up early in the morning maybe like 7:00 a.m. No one was awake except me. So, I thought about that door. So, I went alone downstairs and opened the door. It was a dark room. There was shelf around it. Some books was also there. There was a table. Even there was a bed near around window. Which seemed like it was room. I was feeling scared because I was alone. It was almost 8:00 a.m. So, I was coming from the room. I was about to close the door but Tiffany called me. I went to her but I couldn’t close the door properly.

Tiffany called me for a meeting with our teachers. My teachers said us that we are going on a place where we have to find missing things which has been hidden. We got dressed and went out.

When we arrived there I have to find things individually. I felt someone was following me and helping me to find the things. I was the first who found the things very fast.

I even told the news to my friend that someone is following. One day I called all my friend to my room. Then we discussed about that door. So, Luhan said that we are going to that door and find about the miracle.

When we went inside the room it was totally blank only there was the table and a book top on it. We went near the table and saw that there was a note on it. It saysDear Ayesha please sit in this chair.” I was little scared but still I sat on the chair. Suddenly a rush of wind appear. A girl appear front of us and it was that same girl face which was on our room’s photo frame. She was wearing a black gown. Her eyes was black. Her mouth was deep red. She said us “I am Emily Rose. I need a help. A man called Daniel killed me. I want to take my revenge but I can’t go out from this room.I was little shocked but I saidSo, what help can we do.She saidI just want you to take this book front of him and open it.” She even gave his address to me.

I went to him with my friend’s that day. We was quite frighten too. We called him by saying to guardWe need Mr. Daniel because he has took my diary accidently.The guard bought him. I immediately open the book front of me. A flash of light immersed and took Daniel inside it. Thank god the guard wasn’t there. Then Emily came out from the diary and said us “Thanks guys for your help and now my soul is in rest. Please often visit this place I want to meet you guys again” She become into lots of butterfly and went away.

So, that day was an adventurous day of my life.


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