Life is not a game

Last night was great …
I danced with you…
Do you know how good you were..
With every eye from everywhere….
Watching…With eyeballs up…
“Dancing? To what is she up??”
You never danced
When one danced , you never glanced.
You laughed….that’s the first I saw…
First after your brother was gone.
Back in the nineties, when he lived…
Healthy, young, away from greed-
You smiled.. that tilt has taught me, Taught me to love you…
Oh, hello! How are you??
With your waist in my hand..
We moved… with the rhythm on …
Oh the Greensleeves was magical..
Or was it just me…?
Lost in the beauty of a girl…
Yes…. lost in you I was..
You said you were happy..
Said you were glad …
Glad to be free…
To be with a Friend..
A friend you called….
But darling you are more…
Something alien, something magical
After all those years..
You still have the tears….
Can we not be like then…
Holding hands together again…
I die for them now…but..
You still can’t figure life..
It’s not a game you see…
Be the one you wanted to be…
Forget the past… stay alive…
Life’s no game, it doesn’t take bribe.
Of all the misfortunes…
Are you the only one to have..?
Find the key, open the door..
You can’t break it- that’s for sure..


2 thoughts on “Life is not a game

  1. A very lovely poem.
    The message and meaning was crystal clear and simple.
    The flow was very precise and the occasional rhymes used were perfect.
    A good piece …
    Looking forward to reading more of your poems.


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