Dawn Of Dysphoria

Here comes the dawn of a new day, living the same life, after the same trends and obeying the same chain of commands to seek happiness in life. But conundrum question is, are we really happy? Mankind has reached out so far beyond the heavens that all our creations have become the triggers to our own demise. We become so associated with our daily agendas that we become unaware as the crepuscular bleakness slowly devours all emotions and enters the mind into a state of total obscurity where we are nothing more than prisoners. In the mind, there is sheer darkness with untraceable voices echoing from all horizons which casually depletes every single drop of enthusiasm and persistence remaining inside of us, thus defecating the elements of frustration and anxiety, turning us into the very monster that we once feared as youngsters.

We are born to act like slaves and work for the people who pay us worthless pieces of paper we call money. As kids, we discover the world through TV screens and learn the aspects of life through books and school lectures. The idea of freedom and being independent enough to make a difference in this world perishes along with the sense of adventure and odyssey, as we are treated like robots, being integrated with transferred data we call knowledge. We are taught to obey the rules but not to question them. We are born with specific religions followed by our parents but never asked to execute self-judgement. Lives being controlled by systematic traditions and still happiness is expected from everyone. We become so preoccupied to earn a settled life in this brief existence that we forget to enjoy it in the first place. Is this the true meaning of life?

We live in a world where we are controlled by big corporations and personals to do their job so that we can earn some bits of paper in return of our blood and sweat. Why is a piece of paper so crucial in life? Why does a piece of paper signify a person’s power and capability, whereas certain talents and skills still have to stay in silence? Why do certain lives hold more value than others? We are presented an illusion that poverty and scarcity are slowly fading but still thousands of capable people die out of starvation just because a worthless piece of paper is needed to get the vital elements needed for survival including the gifts provided by mother nature. For the benefit of huge corporations we cut down hundreds of forests and leave millions of creatures homeless and try to shadow the homicidal deed by the fake hope of charities and pointless endowments casted by the media we trust.

Alas, the day has come when you can trust your enemies more than your friends. Enemies would own their aggression and animosity towards you even under the most resilient conditions. The most depressive truth about life is that enemies can always be trusted on the fact that betrayal never comes from them. Whereas we are betraying ourselves by setting up a whole parade of lies and delusion. What is the meaning of existence if the only purpose of life is to serve. We see our flaws and defection right before our eyes but still overlook the massacre as we are blinded by technology bringing our fantasies to reality. Our inventions are not signs of our brilliance but are slowly replacing us and blocking the unique creativity that we once possessed. Our entire life is based on a lie that we live knowingly but are too disorganized to raise a finger against the conspiracy. So let’s wake up from this delusion and let’s make a difference.



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