So this is basically the thing I wrote for the competition we had back in November, I think. It’s under the “Routine is the Enemy of my Creativity”, so I thought I should post it. Let me know your thoughts and please leave a comment. And one more thing, this story is….crazy. Very crazy. Things will seem really weird at times but just deal with it.

Max Farrow was your average sixteen year old living in New York City with his family. He had everything any normal teenager would dream of only with the exception of his eyes. Green they were in color, the pupil, for some unknown reason, had the appearance of a cracked glass. His parents had taken him to every doctor they had known but they had replied with the same thing – that his eyes were perfectly healthy and normal and why the appearance was that of cracked glass was beyond them.

However, it was not the appearance which Max found weird, rather it was the things he saw through them. Normal New York City was not so normal to him. Here and there, he would spot otherworldly creatures with fascinating shapes and sizes milling about along with the humans as if it was a routine. And what shocked Max the most was the fact that no one seemed to notice them at all.

It was almost as if he was the only one who could see them with his unique eyes.

Max released a sigh as he removed his green-tinted goggles from his eyes and felt the morning air blow at his face. Goggles were the only reason why no one was whispering behind his back. He closed his eyes.

Some of things he saw through them were just mad. Just yesterday he saw a dragon flying across the night sky!

“GAHHH! I wish I didn’t have these damn eyes to begin with!” he shouted.

He opened his eyes.

A pair of green eyes stared back at him along with blonde hair falling from the sky upside down.

What the hell?

“AHHH!!” he screamed falling on the pavement as he eyed the figure that was standing on the railing grinning cheekily.

It was a girl.

“Max Farrow!” she shouted enthusiastically.

Max just stared.

“Guess what I am!” she said plopping down on the pavement.

“Huh?” Max managed weakly before the girl grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him up. She dusted her full-sleeved dress before tilting her head at him.

“Let’s play a game. If you can guess what I am by the end of the day, I’ll grant your wish!” she announced.

Max just couldn’t hold the question any longer. “Who the hell are you?”

The girl grinned. “I’m White!”

“So…uhh…White…where are we going?” Max asked weakly as he reluctantly followed the happy blonde who was walking ahead of him.

She gave an exasperated sigh before saying, “You idiot! We’re obviously gonna go on an adventure!”

Max had a sudden urge to face palm.

“Would you please t – “

A giant shadow loomed over them and Max looked up to see a red dragon glaring down at him.

“What the h – “

And out of nowhere, a meteor came and slammed onto the dragon toppling it over the bridge onto the ocean.

“AHHH!!!” Max screamed jumping ten feet in the air while White just shrugged.

“What’s wrong with you?” she asked accusingly as if it were all normal.

This girl was not sane.

Max clutched at his thumping heart while glaring at the poker-faced blonde who gave a dramatic sigh before grabbing his hand and pulling him forward.

“In the end, it’s just a game right?”

Max looked at her incredulously. “You don’t say – “he began again but she beat him to it.

“Let’s go!”

“Why are we wasting our time stalking some hotshot businessman?” Max couldn’t help but ask as they tailed a man wearing a designer Armani suit across the street. They were at the heart of Manhattan and it was packed with people. “We’re gonna see his lifestyle,” White replied casually and Max had an urge to grab her and shake her until she said something normal.

“Oh no! He’s entering a car! Can’t help it then,” White snapped her fingers and a flying carpet came out of nowhere. She took a seat and gestured for Max to do the same.

Max stared at her.

“Hurry!” she hissed and yanked his arm and the carpet zoomed off tailing the black limousine with Max screaming all the while.

“You’re crazy!” Max shouted as they hovered on a balcony of a building which no doubt was the businessman’s house. White stuck out her tongue before peering into the room where the man was in.

“What if someone saw us, huh?! What the hell are we even doing?!” Max continued but White just smacked him on the head before motioning to the room.


The man set his stack of files on his table before he took a seat and began filling out the forms. They continued to watch as the man finished the twenty or so files on his desk before he got up and returned with another twenty and began the same routine of filling them out.

Max yawned. “Must be hella boring,”

White cocked an eyebrow at him. “But you want this life, don’t you?”

Max furrowed his eyebrows.

“You want a normal life without those eyes of yours. You want to be normal and not see these things that only you can see. Basically, you want your life to be a simple routine,” White explained.

Max rubbed the back of his neck. “Yeah but not like this,” he muttered.

White shot him a cheeky grin. “Time’s up! We have a lot of places to go!” And before Max could even comprehend what had happened, the magic carpet zoomed away.

“Behold! The flower people!” White shouted as she motioned with her hands towards the strange creatures in front of them. They were people with green skin and different colored flowers on their crowns.

Max was seriously considering the fact that everything was a dream.

“Flowers,” he muttered blandly.

Just great.

“Mister, wanna play?” a small boy with blue petals on his head came and before Max could say anything, the boy grabbed his hand and pulled him.

“So, we just plant these seedlings?” Max asked as he noticed the other kids who were digging up fresh dirt. “Uh-huh! Your eyes are really pretty, Mister!” a young girl chimed in as the other children nodded.

Max scoffed but the all the kids shook their heads. “It’s really pretty, Mister! You should be glad! Not many people can see us….so it’s like a blessing!” the boy explained with a sad smile.

Max felt something clawing at his insides and his voice shook as he said, “…Well then…how about we make a garden?”

The boy grinned, his eyes twinkling. “Sure!”

As White began to take him to all sorts of different places, Max began to realize the true extent of his strange eyes. He could see things others couldn’t see but the ones he could see considered it as a blessing. The variety of different species in New York City was beyond mind blowing to say the least and despite the insane experiences, it just wasn’t so bad.

Well except for the dragon and the meteor part anyway.

And as he began observing the ordinary citizens, he couldn’t help but feel as though they led monotonous and uninteresting lives. All their lives were filled with routines and time tables; there was nothing creative or colorful about it.

And he hated that.

As he walked on the street, the evening breeze fluttered his hair and he eyed the blonde girl who was happily munching on a hotdog.

He was close to actually guessing what she was; truthfully, he had been thinking about it for a while now. She wasn’t just a normal human but something more than that.

Something different and unique.

White turned around, her lips stretched to her signature cheeky grin as the wind fluttered her long blonde hair and all of a sudden, Max knew.

He just knew.


“Whew! Today was loads fun!” White cheered walking side by side with Max, who remained silent, his goggles on his face.

She walked a few steps ahead of him before stopping and turning around.

“So then, guess!” she said. “What am I?”

Max remained silent as White looked at him curiously. He slowly took off his goggles, revealing his glass-like eyes and smiled at her.

“Max?” White asked softly, the evening sun was slowly setting.

“White,” he started quietly.

White stared at him.

“You’re my creativity,”

Her green eyes widened in surprise as Max shot her a grin, rubbing the back of his neck. “It’s just a game, isn’t it?”

She remained quiet before breaking into a small smile. “It’s a game,” she replied.

“Well then, Max Farrow, what is your wish?” she asked.

Max looked at her in the eye as the sun finally set.

“Are you really sure about this?” she asked as Max walked across the busy morning streets of Manhattan. “You could’ve asked to ditch all of this weirdness, you know,” she continued as she followed him.

He smiled as he gazed at the skyscrapers. “True, but I guess I learned huh?”

“Then I have no use remaining here,” she said softly grabbing his hand. He halted before staring at her.

“Goodbye then, White,” he said quietly gazing at the girl’s green eyes as her entire body glowed brilliantly.

She grinned. “You never did tell me why you chose this though,”

Her body faded into a soft warm light which enveloped him fully and he took off his goggles revealing a pair of cracked-glass like pupils.

He stared at the sky watching as a red dragon soared into the clouds.

He gave a cheeky grin.

“Routine is the enemy of my creativity, after all,”






4 thoughts on “White

  1. You didn’t change anything did you? ‘Cause I’m not rereading this.
    That being said, this was a refreshing break from all your HUGE fanfics with OCxCharacter pairings (sometimes even siblinghood, Is that even a word?). Unlike with all those fluff and angst mini-bites, this had a lesson in it, and that was one of the many reasons I loved it! Don’t get me wrong. The other ones are pretty cool too. This one just went to show that you can make something that sounds boring look really colorful.
    ~over and out.


    1. Haha yeah I get you. It was a great break from all that angsty and sad stuffs I’ve written and I had alot of fun writing it too! I think it’s Ok to ship Max and White!!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Well sorta depends, since she is his creativity, she is sorta like his genie. I’m glad you liked it! Frankly speaking, I’m really tired of those love stories out there. People really need some creativity in this world!

      Liked by 1 person

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