Rain : Nourishment for soul

I sit here with my diary on my thighs
Contemplating about my life
With a pen in my hand
And a life full of sighs.

As I struggled with my writers block ,
Nature decided to help.
As the winds whistles past the green leaves
with the sun glistening through the grey clouds
like a red ball of fire …

The sky darkens as the birds rejoice ,
and sing in their ever so melodic voice …
The sky cries as the soil breathes its pain
in the form of the aromatic petrichor which soothes the soul.

The sky growls loudly
as lightning streaks across the hazy clouds
illuminating farthest of the horizons.

All the pretty constellations in the skies ,
and the beautiful butterflies ,
are a sight for sore eyes,
To make us happy even the nature conspires .


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