His Eyes Told Stories

7691510-young-and-old-hand-on-a-white-background-Stock-Photo-old-people-handsTen year old Nabila was in a plane on her way to her motherland Bangladesh. The last time she went there,she was only seven old. Her parents migrated overseas when she was five. It had been around 3 years she had seen her most favourite person in the world. She had many memories with him,reading storybooks, visiting different places, playing with him, singing songs and many more. He loved her very much,so did she. Then that the plane landed on Dhaka Airport. Nabila excitedly and joyfully ran to waiting area, hoping that he will be waiting for her, but she only saw her Uncle and Aunt. Nabila was hurt. Then they went all the way to her Uncle’s house. The most dissappointing moment came when she reached the doorway pf her Uncle’s house and saw all of her cousins and family members, except him. She started searching for him in all the rooms and at last found him in a small room by the stair way, there he lay, in a small bed, dull- and watery eyes, weak knees, dry and wrinkled skin and hunched shoulders, her loving Grandpa. The shoulders which once carried were now too weak to even carry the weight of a newborn baby. Nabila’s cousins told her that he had been very sick since one year. She started crying, ran to him and hugged him tightly, he recognised her and kissed her on the forehead. Days passed,Nabila stayed all day with her grandpa, read him stories, her grandpa did not talk much but his eyes revealed a million stories to Nabila, the eyes told that he is suffering from lack of love but his medical tests told that it was some minor heart disease. One day, Nabila heard her parents talking about taking grandpa somewhere but she did not understand what they were talking about. The next day Nabila’s cousins requested her to visit the zoo with them, she could not say no and went there, before going she gave grandpa a kiss on the forehead. After returning, she went to grandpa’s room to show him some balloons that she had bought for him, but he was not there.After asking her parents, she came to know that they had sent him to an Old Age home, as they lived overseas and her Uncle and Aunt was also busy with own life. She requested her parents to let her see grandpa for the last time before going abroad. Her parents took her there, after seeing grandpa, Nabila was heart broken, she noticed a deep sadness in his eyes, tears rolled down his cheeks. Nabila hugged him and told him she will get him out of there as soon as she grew up, but the little girl did not know that Life was a very cruel thing. Then her parents took her to the airpot, but Nabila did not stop crying. When the plane boarded, she felt sad and confused, then she asked her parents, ” Mom? Dad? When I grow up and get busy with my own life, will I look after you or send you to an Old Age Home?”
Shame and Silence were all that were answered.


13 thoughts on “His Eyes Told Stories

  1. You are getting better and better. This attachment to your grandpa, if it’s real, then it’s truly a precious thing you have. I never got to see any of my grandpa/ma. Never really had their affection. They died before i was born.


  2. Aww. Thats sad. I feel sorry for them. Tho my nana, nani and dadumoni is dead. My grandpa is still alive and im what im for him. He is 98 but still, he is in a good and healthy state. Alhamdullilah. My parents and uncles are taking good are of him. He prays a lot for us. I love him. I saw a documentary filn back in 2013 on old age home which inspired me to writethis piece. I wrote it in 2o13 which got an award at Hay festival Dhaka. So i thought of modifying it and publishing it.oHope you liked it. Thank you.

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