You could say this either a very late Halloween story or a very early Halloween story. I originally wanted to post this last year but yeah, I wrote the first part and forgot about it. This was supposed to be posted on 14th Feb as a prank because let’s be honest, you all should’ve realized that this isn’t a love story. It’s far from that. Very far from that. Anyways, this story has been greatly inspired by Alice of Human Sacrifice by Vocaloid and I suggest everyone to listen to that while reading this. A big shoutout to Mouduna who painstakingly edited this and put up with my stubbornness (madness too) and I don’t think there are any weird sentences and I’m really proud of this!

Once upon a time, there existed a land like no other.

Roses as white as snow, the sky as dark as ink and the grass as sharp as knives.

It was called Wonderland.

Amidst all that, there was a small dream.

A dream so small that it forgot who actually dreamt it up and was on the verge of vanishing into thin air.

‘I don’t want to disappear,’ the dream thought in earnest. ‘How do I make people dream of me?’ it asked out loud.

The tiny dream thought and thought and came up with an idea.

‘I’ll make humans get lost in me,’  it decided.

‘I can create my world, then’.


The first Alice was a woman of the Spade, who stepped into Wonderland with her sword in hand.

Enthralled as she was by the beauty of the woods, she decided it was not enough.

A sweet voice cooed in her ear, ‘Why not add some color?’

And so, she chopped and chopped, spraying shocking red ink on the forest floor staining the once green grass with blood. Her once gleaming sword was now drenched in hot blood as she laughed and laughed.

‘More, more, more!’  The honey-toned voice sang, and the woman of the Spade obliged without any questions, leaving a red path in her wake.

But then, the sweet voice turned against her and her vision turned hazy as a shrill voice screamed, ‘Serve for your sins!’

That Alice is now deep within the forest bound and caged as a sinner.

New paths opened up into the depths of the forest and her bloody trail could very well have not existed.

Her whereabouts remained an eternal mystery…
Or not.


The second Alice was a man of the Diamond, with an angelic voice that seemed to touch the hearts of even the worst of the sinners.

Once stepping into the deep forest, he began singing a beautiful song, casting a strange spell to the lonesome forest.

The green blades of the grass turned charcoal black, coughing up puffs of a deadly smoke and black ink that tasted like acid. The white roses twitched and waned, its petals falling onto the black ink and turning to tiny corpse lilies.

And as the man sang his strange yet mesmerizing song, he filled the forest with all kinds of sounds – screams, cries, and screeches – and created a crazy world.

‘The song needs to end, then,’

Picking up a blue rose, the Alice grinned at the sheer beauty (and ugliness of the flower) – blue eyes gleaming with a distant madness – when a gunshot was heard and shocking red ink spilled across the forest floor.

And everyone loved him as he died, the silver gun still in his hand.


The third Alice was the child of Clover.

With long overflowing green hair and her beautiful face, she charmed her way onto the hearts of all the people of Wonderland.

‘What a pretty girl!’

‘Such beautiful words!’

‘Her voice is so sweet!’

‘She’s such a kind girl!’

Deceiving everyone with her dazzling smile, she created a strange country.

That Alice became the Queen.

Everything had to be red and blue and green and yellow and perfect, because she was the perfect being. Perfect walls, perfect wallpapers, perfect furniture, perfect food, perfect dresses, perfect people – because she was the perfect Queen who created this perfect – mad, twisted, corrupted – country!

And yet, the country turned frail.

‘Corpses are so perfectly beautiful, right?’

Her rule shook as madness overtook her.

‘Lies, lies, lies!’

‘She’s not perfect,’

‘Deceiving us like that….what a terrible Queen,’

‘She’s mad!’

And her once sweet tongue now ran with venom.

No, no, no. I’m perfect, I’ve always been perfect. I’m perfectly beautiful, kind, caring, sweet – I AM A PERFECT QUEEN.

Fearing death altogether, she kept herself hidden and ruled the twisted land as the now-mad Queen.


Amidst the forest, there is a small path strewn with tulips and dandelions. Under the apple tree beside the rose bushes is an invitation card from the Queen.

Inside is the Ace of Hearts beckoning the main actors into the magnificent play.


The fourth Alice was a pair of siblings, twins of the Heart.

Entering Wonderland out of mere curiosity, they passed through countless doors, their mischief carried throughout the wind.

‘I wonder what this does!’

‘I wonder what that does!’

The stubborn elder sister, the intelligent younger brother – they were the closest to the real Alice…

‘The world can’t stop!’

However, their paths led them to the deepest parts of the forest where the former woman of Spade was locked within her cage.

Opening the door out of childish curiosity, a psychotic laugh was heard. Blood spilled across the grass and the younger brother stood clutching the same sword as the woman of Spade, while his sister lay lifeless on the ground.

Now they can’t ever wake from their dream, forever wandering around Wonderland.
So then…

Who is the next Alice?’


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