-To The Moon-

What might come my way?

So it again begins.

Liv’in on the edge every second.

Looking like an icy king

Fallen for its tricks, again..

Another lie,  another rejection.

Thrown out, another ejection.

Tears yet again pour and stain

Remarking the scars, weakening my brain.

Another round of punches,

Resultant of riding on hunches.

Ashes on the floor, far from repair.

Two knocks and a rattle,

Disastrous scars start to appear,

From the war, a tentative battle.

Fly me to the moon.

I will still be humming our tune.

Fly me to the moon.

When I return, I hope to see you soon.



2 thoughts on “-To The Moon-

  1. Absolutely loved it. ❤
    Its so well written that the words were just complementing each other perfectly…
    I loved the use of different rhymes like 11 and 1212. It really shows your ability as a writer.
    Well done !!!
    Keep writing 🙂


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