The One you feed

The following extract has been taken from the pages of Mohammad Amir’s personal diary, as proof that the suspect was mentally unwell at the time of the assault.


February 5, 2016. 01:00 am

Darkness. Fear. Pleasure. Death. Immortality. Pain. I stroke the tip of the knife, hard enough for it to pierce through. Blood flows down drop by drop as I stare at it. Then finally, something snaps inside of me. Smiling, I start clawing at my face. The skin peels off, pink, under the fluorescent light. The rage grips me tighter, as I start slitting my ankles. Ecstasy takes over my senses. I plunge the knife into the ins of my legs and keep sawing until they detach. They’ll grow back, I tell myself. They always do. Then I stick the knife inside my eye sockets. The world becomes dark. But I can still see. I see a shape. A face. How can I still see? Desperate, I plunge the knife deep into my head until it penetrates through my bald spot at the back. The shape is approaching me. The smile on his face grows larger by each step.  No, it’s face. I want to end it all. I plunge the knife through the centre of my chest. I fumble inside it to find my heart. But there is none. I threw it away a long time ago. The face is hovering directly over me now. Why does it have no eyes? Why is it so featureless? Featureless, except that smile. That smile I myself am so familiar with. The smug smile of a man who has just done the improbable, perhaps winning a case where the client was certainly guilty and making him free. It was my smile. I ask, “Who are you?” It says,

“I’m the one you feed.”



Staff Correspondent, The Daily Mail, February 7

Mohammad Amir, a resident of an apartment house in Gulshan-2, is being suspected of homicide of his wife and children. The famous lawyer is suspected to have been mentally deranged at the time of the assault, despite attending an international law conference at Toronto a few weeks back, where the attendees claim that he seemed perfectly stable. The in charge of Gulshan Thana Police suspects that this may have been the work of a terrorist organizati….

“….seeing that the suspect has filmed himself and his acts on the victims, and the lack of evidence to support the involvement  of any person and other organization, I am bound to concur that Mohammad Amir is solely responsible for the incident that claimed the lives of Mrs Zahra Khatun, and their children,  Mohammad Sajid and Mohammad Farhan. The court hearing of 23rd March is adjourned.”

A figure rises up from the last bench inside the courtroom. Nobody really pays attention to the unknown figure, as everyone is discussing among themselves about how the promising lawyer had committed such a crime without any logical reason whatsoever. The figure steps out of the room, a hat covering its face. The face was smiling.


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