A walk by a river or along the coast

This story was written by Swarna Sarwer of STD 9, OIS Gulshan Branch. She secured the position of 2nd Runner-up in the 16-19 age-group of the Prestigious Writing Competition 2015. Since she is not a member of PWC as of yet, I have taken the initiative of posting this story here.

The write-up has not been edited or tampered with in any way. It is presented in the exact wording Swarna used during submission.

I remember, it was a winter morning. So I went out for a walk near the river. It was foggy outside but the scenario was beautiful. I was walking and enjoying the beauty of nature, the river was quiet, the birds were chirping and the sky was blue.

I was so amazed with the environment that I forgot that I came near the sea coast walking. I was randomly clicking pictures of the scenery. Suddenly, I came to a lonely side of the place, where no one usually goes. As I was alone, I was feeling a bit insecure. But later on, there came a twist in the situation.

I saw a ship stopped near the coast. A mysterious man in a black suit came out from the ship. There were few men who looked like thugs but in formal outfit. They were taking out large boxes and cartons from the ship. At that time I felt to go back but the place I hid myself was like in a situation that if I move they might notice and I was feeling that they should not see me.

Later on, the man in black suit called someone over phone, about half an hour later, a luxurious car stopped near the man. Another man who seems to be very prestigious and rich came out from the car with two armed bodyguards.

The man in black suit called his thugs to bring out something, the thugs brought those boxes near them.

They take out large teddy bears, dolls and toys. I was wondering that what these men have to do with such children toys. Then my wonder turned into astonishment. The man in black suit cut the nose of the teddy bear and takes out some white sparkling stones probably diamonds. The same they did with the other toys, they broke it and what I saw there were drugs like weed, cocaine, etc. I was amazed and shocked but I understood that there was serious smuggling crime going on.

The black suit man gave those accessories to the rich man.

The bodyguards of the man came out with a golden suitcase.

The suitcase contained fresh U.S. dollar notes. The man in black took the suitcase and gave a clever smile. When he was about to go back to the ship, the bodyguards of the rich man just brush fired that black suited man. The man died on the spot. His thugs ran away to save themselves. The bodyguards threw the dead body in the sea, took their suitcase back and the car drove away.

I was stunned and shocked about what I saw in that foggy morning.

I rushed to a police station to complain about what I saw.

The police officer said that they would investigate about it.

But they didn’t.

I decided never to go there.

I told it to my mother, she became very afraid about these. She denied me not to tell anyone about this. But I was curious. Crimes like these shouldn’t stay hidden like this.

Few weeks later, I went there again. I use to observe that place and use to collect more and more information about it. Then I got to know that place is very dangerous place, human were more scary than demons.

In crimes, not only men were present, women were also included. I saw that there were women who use to look like a classy business lady but actually they are the smugglers and included in human trafficking. They use trap young boys pretending to be their lovers and traffic them outside the country for slavery.

I investigated, I clicked pictured, collected evidence, showed it to the polices, higher places, even the mayor of the towns and gentlemen of the town. They ignored my voice, made fun of my age, didn’t believed me.

I tried my level best to stand for the truth but they ignored my words. One good politician listened my words went there, investigate there but couldn’t find anything. They told me to keep calm and forget what I saw, may be they pretended .Some of them threatened me about my life.

I was helpless and hopeless about it . I gave up about this but I knew, I was the greatest witness about the secret crimes that occurred “ALONG THE COAST”.


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