Death: The Truth


Do you know what it is like,
To lie awake in bed,
With haunting thoughts every night?

Can’t run from it anymore.
The end is near.
No more of trying.
Stop asking me if I’m “okay”!
I’m tired of lying.

My jaws hurt from the constant fake smile.
My eyes can’t hold back.
Pain sneaked out of my eyes,
And rolled down my cheeks.
My mind has won.
I’m done with hiding on my own.

Most fear the night when darkness falls,
But I gladly embrace its solitude.
Most fear death,
But right now, I welcome it.


2 thoughts on “Death: The Truth

  1. Very nicely written , I loved every part of it.

    The first paragraph looks like a haiku. 3 short lines , non-rhyming but the meaning it possesses is fascinating. It asks a question which makes us think deep into our mind and that’s whats fascinating.

    The Second para did not have any rhyme except trying-lying in the 1-2-1 pattern which is kinda cool as you did not force the rhyme , its more like it rhymed by coincident though I know it wasn’t .

    Third para has no rhymes except the last 2 lines which rhyme flawlessly.
    You kept on writing instead of forcing rhymes which is commendable and a quality which is rarely seen in writers and thus proves how versatile you are.

    The last para is like a nail in the coffin . It is short , descriptive and well executed.
    I loved how you took the idea of greeting death and made it sound that well .
    The words are perfectly complementary to each other ( gladly embrace its solitude ) …
    And the best part is how you chose to end the poem instead of making it longer.
    A good writer knows the difference between excess and enough and you maintained the line between excess and enough with ease.

    I really loved the poem as a whole. I look forward to reading more ^_^


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