A Walk By The River

*Djael is pronounced Di Hayel.


‘Do you mean that a river God dwells in this very river we are walking beside right now?’ Amon could not conceal his sarcastic grin, however, it did not matter.

‘Yes’ I stood firm.

‘What? Are you serious right now? Stop bluffing Djael, we all know that no such river God exists’.

‘Yes, that is true in a sense but it is not a God I speak of. It is something we have not acknowledged yet. It is yet unclassified. Care to know why?’

‘Yes, go on.’

‘Listen closely Amon, whatever it is that lurks beneath this river, was not meant for this world. I know not how it found its way into this river, it is a puzzling matter indeed but there were rumors about it. Let me tell you everything from the beginning: According to the mythos, the sea, the ocean was a vast body of clean water, never salty-’

‘What!’ Amon cried!

‘Do not interrupt me Amon. Yes, the ocean water was clean and drinkable. Then, from the heavens The God of the ocean, Poseidon, dropped a roe of that species which, upon contact with water, began to flourish immediately, multiply and eventually hatch. Their inhabitance turned the ocean water salty, which allowed many other species to thrive in it. Do not ask me how or why.

‘Erm, okay’

‘Okay. Although, no one knew how the sea water turned salty, they did not care as long as there were rivers to quench their thirst. Also, men did not learn to venture upon water bodies until sometime later. When mankind finally figured out how to set sail upon the vast water bodies, they began to discover the negligible mysteries of the ocean, which however, was a big discovery for them. Apart from finding new land, the civilization of men was always intrigued at what swam beneath the deep dark seas. Many lost their lives trying to find out the secrets of the ocean, for the secrets were never meant to be revealed. One of the secrets the ocean held was the secret of this river Goddess we are talking about. Back then and still now, they’re called the Mermaids, Siren or the Undine. These mythical creatures were famous for luring pirates and sailors into their midst where they would bind them forever with chains, that is beneath the surface of the water of course. Let me give you a detailed description about those creatures. They were the embodiment of a nymph with the face and upper body of a luscious temptress but their lower body was said to be fish-like. The advanced Mesopotamian and Alexandrian civilization held many great excursions to find out the mysteries of these mermaids. At Assyria, they say that they once dissected a mermaid. There were many rumors my friend, many lies. It was said that whenever a mermaid left the water, it transformed into a full human being, its tail turned into legs between which its genital showed. The biologists at Assyria confirmed that they had full set of reproductive organ exactly like humans, sounds unbelievable, no? Now that we are talking about reproductive organs, it makes one wonder, how did mermaids reproduce actually? Since every mermaid are born female! The biologists of Assyria said that they discovered from their studies of mermaid biology that at a certain age the mermaids’ roe turned ripe, ready for fertilization. However a merman was needed for that process. Then came the astonishing discovery: any mermaid, left unfertilized, turned male. This was a declaration that mermaids are hermaphroditic and they go through sequential hermaphrodism. They have the ability to change sex if there is no dominant male in their community.

Even though the mermaids were creatures of wonder and immense beauty, they were extremely dangerous for voyagers of the sea. These creatures had many seductive and alluring methods that led their victims to excruciating deaths. Sometimes they swam upon the surface only to expose to their victims eyes, their bare skin, lustful bosom and feminine curves that would send men into delirium. The voyagers, having seen the object of their desire would then jump into water and into their death, by drowning. Then there is another sophisticated method the Sirens used: Singing. People would say that men who listened to the Sirens’ Song was the last thing they ever did. According to the mythos, the sirens had extremely beautiful voice that aroused men and women alike. Victims of the Sirens’ Song would bleed from their ears before they followed its direction and once he/she went ear deep into water were instantly paralyzed and thus drowned. I heard that there were many more techniques the mermaids practiced. ‘

‘I thought you were supposed to tell me about the river goddess. Why am I listening to this mermaid crap? Or is the river goddess a mermaid?’ Amon intervened.

‘I never said anything about any ‘river goddess’, I was merely talking about a creature unknown that exists in the bottom of this river. I told you, so many times, not to interrupt me. How dare you Amon!’

‘ Pardon my intrusion, please carry on.’

‘For the last time, listen obediently. However, later in civilization of men, as science prevailed, legends that were remotely close to something magical were dismissed as myth. Technology allowed men safety against the terrors of the sea and the ocean. Fewer people fell victim to mermaids’ terrorism. The enraged mermaids created storms, tsunami, and calamities and overwhelmed the seas with their anger. But the technology of man got better and better and so, the mermaids grew hungrier… You look confused, my friend’

‘What do you mean by “the mermaids grew hungrier”?’

‘My dear Amon, every mouth needs its food. The mermaids only lived on human flesh. It rejuvenated them and allowed them immortal lives, only as long as they kept themselves sufficiently fed with human flesh.’

‘But, what about when the people could not venture upon the sea. How did the mermaids get their human flesh then?’

‘They ascended to earth, just like they’re ascending to earth right now as we speak. In order to find food, we must do what is required of us.’

‘I am confused beyond my wits, Djael. Wait what?!’

Suddenly Amon started to hear a distant voice, a soothing voice which was singing a sweet song, a lullaby. Two feminine figures emerged from the water. Amon froze upon his ground. The extremely beautiful, bare-bodied nubile girls were slowly and gracefully walking towards their direction. He was enchanted by their sight. They were singing a soft, the sweetest lullaby he has ever heard in his entire life. Their wet hair clung to their wet, sultry bodies. Amons’ body heated up like he was suffering from a high fever. He felt an even hotter sensation drip from his ears. Amon was in a tantalizing trance. He gazed upon their lush bosom and inhaled their sensual aroma, which was strong, even from a distance. Amon could not control his senses, his thoughts went wild.

‘Mermaids!’ He thought.



Djael spoke to Amon in a strange language, but strangely enough, Amon understood.


‘Gomon Mi-te Amon’: ‘I am sorry Amon.’

‘ Wah Lehn Phlagre Emasu’: ‘We are extremely hungry’


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