-Skin Burns And Rashes-


As the night crept in,

emotions were held back,

so that nothing could be seen

in the lonely heart that was once evergreen.

His voice once shouted her name, 

now for him it’s nothing but a game.

He once saw through her mind 

now she is accused for being blind.

She once let him in, she was a charmer,

but now she hides behind her armor.

She said,

“You were my only hold on reality

my reason for sanity and spirituality .

Remember when you set our love on fire?

left me with skin burns and rashes from my attire?

Set the sparks in the wrong room.

Burnt the whole castle, set my faith to a doom

Sigh! i will always love you from a distance

not to gain, not for vengeance.

Not to put the guilt on you, at least not in this instance.

I gotta be strong, i gotta hold on”

Then he watched her choke out very soon.

As her heart gave out and BOOM! 


–Samara Hasan–

Photo Credit: Google 🙂



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