Moments to Regret

regretMy school exams were over. It was winter vacation. So one day mom took me to shopping. Mom wanted to buy me dolls or video games. But before she could buy me those something else attracted me so much that I couldn’t take my eyes off. They were a pair of Wedge heels and they were very nice and fashionable. I couldn’t think about buying anything else but those Heels. So I asked mom to get me those pair of heels but mom denied because they were very expensive and on addition there was no occasion ahead where I could use them. So it would be of no use and wasn’t worth for rough use. I became very stubborn and kept on insisting but mom was not agreeing at all. In the end I became very upset and we returned home.
A couple of days passed and I dint talk to mom properly because she didn’t get me those heels. So mom thought of cheering me up and we went to a park in the evening. But still I couldn’t forget about those heels. So there was a small Ice cream stall and we went there. I and mom were having ice cream when suddenly we saw a very beautiful young lady entering the stall with a woman, maybe it was her mother. The girl wore a beautiful long dress. Mom noticed that she was walking with the help of crutches and then they sat on the table beside us. So at one point mom started talking with them and I was listening. Later what we learned about the girl was very shocking and upsetting and we literally felt like crying. Her name is Sayra and she is so young and beautiful, a university student of 2nd year. When mom asked her about her crutches both Sayra and her mother started crying describing how she lost both of her legs! On her way to university she went through a major road accident where a Bus went over her two legs and the last thing she can remember is she actually saw how her feet smashed and she could feel nothing below her knees and went blank! I and mom felt extremely bad for her. We were so shocked because her long dress didn’t reveal the fact that her legs were actually wooden! She also said that she had been in the hospital for more than a year and none of her friends supported her at that moment .She was 5.5 feet but now she is 5.2 feet. She has lost so much in her life but still she is living it accepting this fact. My mom hugged her before they left. The last thing Sayra said was that in those harsh moments of life no one but only her mother supported her, loved her and was always there for her.
After returning home I saw mom was very upset and was sitting silently. I went to her and she held my hand very tightly. I by the time realized my mistakes. How rude I had been acting for a stupid pair of shoes and hurt my mom in so many ways, Sayra on the other hand lost her two legs but still she was so strong. I apologized to my mom for what I did. I realized that I had the love and support of my parents which is above everything and how can a simple pair of shoes make me change my morals?


14 thoughts on “Moments to Regret

  1. Really well written. I loved it as a whole.

    The starting was so simple and realistic and looked like an average kinda story at first but then how you progressed the story and then connected the crutches to heels was remarkable.

    I really loved how you put the idea of an adamant of a young girl asking for a pair of heels into something so serious as this.
    I also liked how you describe about Sayra and how her height had shortened which was great.

    You also tried to keep the story short and also kept it detail which shows how capable and proficient you are.
    I would love to read more of your writings …
    Have a good day and Keep writing ! 🙂

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    1. This was such a big encouragement for me. I believe that as long as I have you guys as my guide, I wont face any kind of problems. Thanx again. Will try by bestestest and wont let you guys down ever.

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  2. the loss in height from 5.5 to 5.2 can be interpreted as a loss in social status or stature… because sadly our society tends to see only the disability and ignore the ability to stand up on one’s two feet even after losing one’s feet.

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