Is the only proof you have the photos you two had together? How has everything you once lived for disintegrated into tiny shards of hatred? And at once you realize that everything has changed. The things that used to make your day are now the ones that ruin it. And as the feelings rot away, you’re left with two choices. Either to be hopeful that the sun will rise again, or to find another sun. A sun that will shine through the dark rooms of your past, a sun that will heal all the scars the monsters left behind. The past seems more inviting, as it is familiar ground to you. You made it work once, why not do it again? But you also know that things never remain the same.

On the other hand, the future holds new possibilities, new adventures. However many’if(s)’and ‘why not(s)’ it may hold.The choice is yours –

Hope or a new beginning?

You choose.


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