I maybe a torn page of the book of our love ,
Which one day will fade away .

But I can’t lose the book ,
because our love was not a blank page…

To me , you were my life
When I lost you I was terribly traumatized
All-day I thought what to do with my own life.

Nights passed experiencing the old time vibes ,
Whenever I think of you my heart cries,
Now I realize your love for me was full of lies ,
Don’t you worry I’ll get better as time flies…
But I’ll miss our memories and your lovely smiles.

You left me when we were about to make future plans ,
I should have known you better.
Today I am almost shattered.

Just wait because you will feel the same way I did.
As karma is about to take its chance ,
Then you will realize that there was something called romance.

Written by Nayeem Hossain
Edited by Nahian Kabir.


3 thoughts on “Karma.

  1. Wow! There’s so many emotions in this. The words are crystal clear and the thoughts of the writer, that phase of life, easily comes to the imagination. A very nice piece of writing indeed ^_^

    Liked by 1 person

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