I Have Evolved. Period.

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There is always something to learn from every moment that I have experienced so far. I look back and feel that I have grown so much as a person that sometimes, I am scared that I was unaware of so many colors to my individuality. Trust me, every single person that came into my life, came for a reason and I now understand and can finally feel the bliss that I was blessed with. I can never pen it as well as I have experienced the morals but I will try as much as my capability allows me to.

I don’t have to be a very inspiring person but I am learning to inspire myself through the good that resides within me. Some part of me just tears up thinking of the people that were once so close to my heart,but have now packed their bags and left my soul. For some people, I, myself, held the door open for them because some of their toxic essence was just destroying my self-esteem but this heart only hopes..it just won’t stop hoping for the better side of them and I don’t know if it’s just me or is it some of you too.

Well, at the end of day…I think I came out stronger and more confident as an individual. I have had days when I felt like an absolute nothing and,then there were days when I felt like I am the change and the steering wheel of hope in so many people’s lives.

The smile that you witness on my face has gone through so many silent and untold struggles that you won’t ever get to hear…not because they are lost,but because they are mine to keep. I have evolved.

I have been beaten down and been back-stabbed ; I have had failed but have not given up. I worked hard until I have mastered where I failed. I identify myself as an Empath. I believe there is good in everyone and I believe that I can dig deep in your soul and help you discover the goodness that you have unconsciously buried within yourself.

I have always forgiven people, at some point of my life. But right now, I have leveled up and learned to forgive people more, not only because I feel sad for them, but also because it serves good to my personality. It helps me be a better person, getting rid of grudge which will do nothing but poison me in the long run. I have learned, I am still learning and I am eagerly waiting for what life beholds for me to discover. I am the light that I seek in this tunnel I walk. I have longed for this light and now, I have found it within.

I am working my way to loving my own self. I know I will achieve it if I manage to surround myself with the right people…and the wrong people as well. But why ‘wrong people’, eh? Because the right people will help me win, while the wrong people help me learn. 

Thank you to all the people that are still in my life and who continues to help me  grow as a person. In this world full of chaos and utter cruelty, help me preserve my humanity and I will help you with yours. Trust me, and never let go. I am not perfect but yes, I am perfectly and beautifully flawed. I show my truest gratitude to the Almighty for planning my life so beautifully.

Stay blessed.


Anika Tabassum Sardar (Neela),

An Ordinary 16 year old.




12 thoughts on “I Have Evolved. Period.

  1. I think it takes a certain level of maturity to understand that everything that’s happened has happened for a reason, and that no matter how much something hurt you at some point, the fact that you are here now proves that what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.
    Man. That was one huge sentence.
    At any rate, it took me a long time to understand these things, even though the hardest part of my life came a bit unexpectedly and left me reeling even though I held strong. This feeling, the feeling that you learn from everything that happens, every small moment, every fraction of a second, has got to be the most beautiful feeling on earth. And, yes, it’s more beautiful than love.

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    1. Haha You are very kind. Thank you. ^_^ Now a days, ordinary is the new extra-ordinary, you know what I mean? Because everyone is so busy being like ‘the other person’ that we lose ourselves in the process…our true self.


  2. Beautifully written.
    I always love your poems and seeing you write something different is so good.

    I respect how you said ” For some people, I, myself, held the door open for them because some of their toxic essence was just destroying my self-esteem”
    It is really a sign of maturity that knowing sometimes letting go is the best thing you can do and move on.
    I also see how you tried to tell us about the “wrong people” and instead of blaming them you told us that they help us learn which is a pretty amazing perspective.
    I also admire that you admitted that we’re not perfect but beautifully flawed …
    Lastly the best part was in the end you thanking the Almighty for everything that has happened in your life i.e the good parts and the bad parts and still saying that he planned your life so beautifully.
    I really admire this piece of yours and hope you write more.
    Keep writing and have a great day !!!

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    1. Sometimes I feel as if you catch exactly what I mean as if my writings are somewhat transparent to you. I am so glad that you could connect and actually. Yes, I love it even more when you describe it with such sensibility. Thank you for appreciating the growth that I have experienced and yes, I also admired what came out as a piece after writing it. thank you. thank YOU so much for taking the time to write such a elaborate comment.

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