Insane Violence


The candles burned bright in the darkness,
The chains tightly bound round her limbs,
Teardrops ran down her cheeks,
And fell off her chin.
She cried in a corner where nobody could see.
Her eyes told a story that nobody could read.

You ask why she cried?
I’ll tell you why!
It was the pain and anger.
The pain of being imprisoned!
Imprisoned by the pillars of what they call “community”.

They gave her hopes.
Yet pushed her down to their toes.
They allowed her to have her own opinions.
But ordered her to shape them to their views.
They told her to be herself,
“But it better be in the right way”, they warned.
They bullied her for socializing,
And enjoyed her confinement.
“You may fall in love with anyone,” they said,
“As long as it’s someone WE choose”.
They gave her hopes.
Yet pushed her down to their toes.

They showed no sign of humanity
There was only cruelty .
It was barbaric I tell u!
Yet they put on more clips…
Cries came out from her innocent lips.
The world around listened in silence.
Alas! when she was no more,
There were only words of sympathy.

This is insanity!
Is this what they call society?
No one sought her vengeance.
Silently tolerated the violence.
And they said, “Welcome to the society…”


6 thoughts on “Insane Violence

  1. “You may fall in love with anyone,” they said,
    “As long as it’s someone WE choose”. … Whoa!
    hey, what about that part that included “clips”. What does it mean?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Umm did you know that some people clip up their bird’s wings so that it cannot fly away?
      Flying kind of represents freedom right? So when the wings are clipped they get caged and have no way at all to break free.
      “Yet they put on more clips” it means more restrictions and bindings were forced on to the girl, she was being chained up to beyond limits. Now she had no chance of escaping.

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  2. We all are bound by the rules of the society which provides us with the freedom to do anything but then makes us do the exact thing they want.
    This is really great piece on the flawed and corrupt society ,,, I really admire people who try to write on sensitive topics and you have done a really great job writing on it.
    I loved it as a whole.
    Keep writing and bless you !!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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