My Bookmark

Passion of Red,
Pain that shed.
Not forgotten ; I have not forgotten.

Love through Tears;
Pride that flares
A story forgotten; Is it not forgotten?

The Modesty of Green:
The throne of my Queen
Owes respect; I respect!

Sacrifices of the pure
Healers for the cure
Owes respect; Our utmost respect!

All hue and cry
Escapes through a sigh
Can’t deny;  I won’t deny.

Disturbed making ‘peace’
Patriotism deceased .
Won’t deny; Can you deny?

Humanity grieves
As to barbarism lives
And it doubles everyday…

But they will fake tonight
A phase of being polite…
Cause it’s just another day?!

But if that’s what YOU think
Then, you are so out of sync
Cause it’s the day of our Victory.

It’s the day to celebrate
And pay respect to this date..
Cause it’s the day of MY Victory.






5 thoughts on “My Bookmark

  1. Can feel the vibe put in every word! Who can forget the significance of this day?

    It was a great read, Anika. And perhaps this is the first time you stepped out of your rhyming comfort zone. Congratulations, you’ve succeeded 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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