On my way to hell…


When I was torn to pieces ,
Broken and paralyzed ,
You picked me up
and showed me paradise.

Stars glittered among the sky ,
Pretty birds flied by ,
You hugged me tight ,
and sang me a lullaby.

I began to fall asleep ,
and dream ,
Spine-chilling thoughts start to creep .
Back to hell it seems.

Heaven or hell it didn’t matter ,
All I heard was the demons chatter.

The demons burned and churned ,
for forgiveness they yearned .

Full of rage and agitation ,
They were cursed with eternal damnation.

They crawl beneath my skin ,
Drowning in their sins.

They used to hurt me ,
and hit me with a scythe …
I used to cry , bleed and writhe.

But now they burn in hell ,
Their scorching souls I can smell …
I chuckle and cry at their misery ,
Because I am on my wayΒ to hell aswell.


15 thoughts on “On my way to hell…

  1. Okay,You are one of the very versatile poets over here who not only tries different styles but also different and unexpected ways of seeing and setting things. This poem is creepy yet so very illusive in a way. There were so many times where I went awed by how you progressed the poetry but I loved it the most when you wrote:
    “Heaven or hell it didn’t matter ,
    All I heard was the demons chatter.”
    Because it was not an allusion to Heaven or Hell..it was simply not if you see from my point of view. It was more like telling, it doesn’t matter it is the best or the worst place…it doesn’t matter if you change the place to get rid of this chase by the demons when they only reside within you. (I could be wrong). Then again there comes two more plot twists…okay, this just simply blew me away. Why? Because you placed two witty plot twists in one stanza!! And what more? In the concluding one itself!! First twist was :
    :But now they burn in hell ,
    Their scorching souls I can smell …”.
    So, as the reader proceeds, they feel a little relieved for the author as he has got rid of the demons and can finally rest in peace and live a happy life, maybe? But that feeling or that joy doesn’t last long when they read the next two consecutive lines saying :
    “I chuckle and cry at their misery ,
    Because I am on my way to hell aswell.”
    Now, this is what makes the reader compelled to think twice over what they felt. Why? Because it doesn’t matter the demons left or not, because the damage has already been made. The sins have been committed –
    “They crawl beneath my skin ,
    Drowning in their sins.” but there very little or no regret bleeds through the heart of the author as he mentions he “chuckles” as he is on his way to hell…he got used to hell now. Why? Because when he had confronted hell within himself, it is very small a deal when he is actually being placed in the hell. For him it is like…being forewarned is being forearmed. To conclude, this fascinated me a lot and hats off to what you write and how you write.

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    1. This means a lot Anika. Thank you a lot for this comment.
      You got exactly what I meant by the poem which is success for me as a writer.I cannot thank you enough for all the kind comments I got from you. I really appreciate it.

      I tried to make this a little dark and creepy as I attempted a different type of poetry and i guess it’s a success πŸ˜€
      I placed the twists so reader goes like ” Whaaaat ? ” at the last moment and reads again πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
      There was a deeper meaning in the poem about the guy getting used to hell which you clearly understood. This makes me happy as a writer when people get what you wanna tell them … πŸ™‚

      Thanks Again. Really love your comments and feedbacks … Have a good day !

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      1. I am so glad that you liked my comments but honestly, it’s just simply YOU who is the sole reason of earning such compliments. You don’t write very often but when you do, you make sure to nail it and create a bench mark for your fellow writers. I love that you try out new things and experimenting with your writing skills. .I love that about you. I can always sense a part of your soul being introduced through your writings which really touches me. I am so glad that you are such a insightful writer, that you influence me to write like you. Stay blessed and keep writing. If I got what you meant to convey, then it is YOU who pulled it off well. Bravo!

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  2. I see the comic character spawn when I read this poem… he was an awesome guy… awesome enough to say, “Heaven or hell, does it matter? I’ll make them both suffer.”

    This looks to be the story of a man who has been through a lot and in the process developed a resistance to pain and now laughs when faced with it.

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