-Yours Truly-

You got needs,

I got em too.

You are leaving to where it leads,

I am counting my mistakes to a few.

Why hailstorm in this war torn heart?

Why bite the tongue, when we fall apart?

Why the guilt keeps on creeping in?

Why can’t I see the secrets you are keeping?
Deep in.
Let me in or let me feel low.

Don’t twist the knife, and not let go.

Don’t tell the lies I already know.

The air is getting thicker.

Let me breathe!

I rather drown in this liquor,

Than take in the excuses you feed.

Unquenched fire, headed towards the door.

Nothing would stop you now even if I lie begging on the floor.

Inevitably, my love’s strength kept pulling you back.

Was it our faith or my love that lacked?
That was driving you away.

Maybe my heart failed to convey,

How much I loved being in love.

You were my peace, my heaven above.

Don’t leave me bruised and torn.

Show some mercy.

See the pain that I have borne.

Let our love be measured proportionally, not inversely.

Love you till the end, yours truly.

-Samara Hasan-


13 thoughts on “-Yours Truly-

  1. Would you mind if I inbox this to ‘him’? This not only infuriates me, and I feel like the responsible person needs to go. But then again, I think I shouldn’t because YOU need to let you. Darling, you are better than this and you surely deserve MUCH BETTER than this! Note: I didnot say “better than him”…I said , ” better than this” because it is not about having a better guy…but having better efforts (from BOTH freaking sides) to evolve to better situations. It is saddening but also, I must say I truly, absolutely and immensely LOVED this writing!!! I swear it is one of the bests I have read and something that I can NEVER in million years, write! ❤ This is pure art and talent and it brings me so much joy to see you mature yourself as a writer and through your writings (if you know what I mean). Writing helps me keep my sanity. There are so many favorite lines of mine and I FELT what you wrote (and you know what I mean) !!! "Don’t twist the knife, and not let go." !!!!!!!! This just describes EXACTLY how I feel. EXACTLY!! ❤ This is such a great writing… :') I love you bestfriend and I look up to you. You make me stronger, you keep me stronger ❤


  2. Wow *_*
    I love this poem.
    The rhymes were unconventional but spot on and thats what I loved most.
    I really could feel the words and the meaning behind them as I read the writing which is a great accomplishment as a writer and a really good thing for us readers.
    I can see how much growth there is between your last writing and this.
    Please keep writing and impressing us with your superb talent.
    Have a good day ^_^


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