It’s addicting. It’s as fun as being chauffeured around. It’s just as sickly satisfying as watching a train wreck. No,it’s actually better. Because you get to experience it firsthand. You get to see all your hopes shatter, your dreams crumble to dust. You get to see the expectations everyone had from you turn into disappointment. And when it’s all over, as you’re lying on the asphalt with nothing to live for, you begin to think it wasn’t your fault. You begin to think that it was all part of a grand scheme, and that you’re just a pawn. It wants you to feel that way. It wants you to fail, and then say that it’s alright. You tried, you failed and that it’s okay. Then it makes you want to end it all. It wants you to jump the gun. Because it feeds on your very essence, you see. Your hopes, your dreams. And when you have nothing left,when you’re empty inside, it would put a noose around your neck and throw you off a bridge. Then, you’ll be nothing more than a tick mark on its To-Do list. Then, it will win.

Don’t let it win.


8 thoughts on “Weakness

  1. Really well written. The whole thing is just one large chunk of text, but the variation in sentence structures and the casual tone really does it’s thing.
    Looking forward to read more stuff from you brother.
    Welcome to the club!

    Liked by 1 person

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