It Was All God’s Will


Just when it all seemed to end, a new journey began
A new dream, a new hope, a new life
On the seventh night he asked me “Will u be my wife?”
He swept me off of my feet,
My mind wanted to retreat,
Bt my heart failed to resist.

His love was like a deep maze,
And with him I could see glimpses my future days.
He was my superman,
Saving me from the dakrness,
Loving me in my madness.

Now I am perfectly fine with where I am,
In his amrs is my home and all that I need .
Ecstasy was what I felt in our first meet.
But for you if this place is anything less
My ill-fate it will be…I guess.

All my life I searched and searched
But never knew where u had been
U were a stranger
Yet a long lost kin
Like I had known u for forever
Maybe u were my answer to all my questions.
Maybe u were the one!
The one I had been waiting for all along?

Its funny how the Lord works,
Sometimes he doesn’t change the situation,
Until we learn to change our way of inspection…


12 thoughts on “It Was All God’s Will

  1. Now this is one the best works we have had on this blog.
    Its a very mature writing which grows onto us. We can see the tone being kept maintained through out the poem.

    Love is NOT something logical and it defies all logics and the first para proves that.
    “My mind wanted to retreat,
    Bt my heart failed to resist.”
    Mind says no but heart wants what it wants and still continues to love. A very accurate portrayal of love.

    The second para says how he’s your superman who would save you which is a very deep thing to say considering that you said earlier that his love was a maze i.e full of confusion.

    Third para shows you accepting your fate and saying that if you are any less than it will be your bad-luck and not his.

    My favourite part would be
    “All my life I searched and searched
    But never knew where u had been
    U were a stranger
    Yet a long lost kin”
    This turns the tone of the writing to a little sad in just a matter of few words which is really commendable.
    At last you exclaimed that “Maybe” he was the one instead of saying you were positive he was which was nice.

    Last para says that if we don’t change our perspective we might not understand the situation God has put us into.

    This is a really good poem with very simple words but deep meaning. You used a lot of different rhyming patterns like 1212 , 1122 and even a one which Anika pointed out I used a lot which was rhyming the first and the last words of a para.
    I really enjoyed it. I am eager and really looking forward to reading your future works.

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  2. Omg bhaya *_* thank u so much! This truly means a lot to me!! Especially because you are my inspiration and my idol. This is all new for me but I opened up my heart.

    It’s something I wrote after a dark phase of my life, when everything seemed to come to an end but then he came into my life. And yes you are absolutely right about the last para… if I hadn’t changed my perspective at that moment then maybe I wouldn’t be so happy right now…maybe I would be rejecting God’s gift, maybe He had given me all the pain so that I could learn to distinguish my true treasures.

    I am glad you liked it and keep on inspiring me bhaya ^_^

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  3. Gosh! Firstly, tears of joy. I missed reading all these wonderful writing by all these talented writers that we treasure dearly in our PWC. I am so proud of this particular piece of art. I am left spellbound my the maturity you have shown in this poetry ( including technically). I wonder what would be like to master the power of poetry that you posses and it is amazing to be able to read this masterpiece. Frankly, I felt as if it was a love story that you were talking about and it would only be talking about relationships and the power it holds to heal a broken heart (which is very important and wonderful to read about) but you took it one step ahead and widened the theory and compelled your readers to look at the bigger picture and look back at life with a breath of relief. It is absolutely mind blowing how you have projected such a mature psychological perspective to lead a content life with your concluding line. And it all comes together with your title and sums up with the conclusion. A brilliant piece, no doubt. I love the rhythm and how creative you went with the beats and the choice of words were fascinating. Great job!! ^_^ We want MORE writings from YOU because it is the writers like you who bring honour to the world of poetry and to the club of ours! ❤ Stay blessed. I can see why you would find Nahian Kabir, our co-leader, as an inspiration. We all do and I am glad you look up to him.

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  4. Wow! Thank u so much for ur wonderful words. Honestly, I was very scared that you people might think I am not good enough and I was wondering if I should really post it…but WOW! This is amazing!! All of u are so sweet and so encouraging. I m so glad u liked my piece and that you have put so much thought into your comment. ^_^ and Nahian bhaya…he is more like my elder brother and my true idol ❤

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  5. First off, welcome to the club!
    Second, really well executed. This is by far the best poem on the site yet, in terms of theme. Possibly really good on a few other aspects as well, but the typos are preventing the Grammar Nazi in me to appreciate it fully. :p
    No hard feelings, though. Looking forward to reading more from you!

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