Word Swords

Doors locked, lights off.

Not wanting to draw attention,

But yearns for some comfort.

Curled up in the corner.

Stares up ahead into space.

No emotions…. Blank……

Snaps out of trance.

Looks around frantically.

Rapid emotion changes.

Settles on lost… pain… defeat.

Tears spill,

Silent, no noise.

Chest heaves,






Grasps, Sobs,

Bites lips.

Anger bubbles,

Furiously rubs away tears.

Brings up hand,

A blade.

Routine will commence once again,

Severe addiction.

Temporary relief,

More required.

Barriers set up,

Too high,


One…….. Worthless….

Two…….. Useless….

Three…… Stupid….

Five…….. Bad student….. sister….

Ten ………Worst best friend…… burden….


Thirty…….Should have never been born…. Not their daughter….

Forty…….. Should hang myself…… better to die….

Fifty………. Maybe everyone will be better off without me….

The word swords have hit their mark,

Point on.

Tiles stained crimson red,

Tears long gone.

Eyes void of any emotions.


Mumbles to self “turn emotions off….. turn the tap off…”

Envisions turning off a tap of water.

Musters strength to get through another day…..


6 thoughts on “Word Swords

  1. Life is full of thrones, we must go through it. We must accept all the scratches. We must bear the pain. We are human being.
    Life gives us rapid reasons to give up. But fighting with situations is the only way to survive and be success. Giving up is shit. Fighting and winning is everything.
    When there’s none, We must motivate our self. We must control our emotion, we must be strong, we must talk to our self. Because it is us, who will laugh, enjoy the peace full success moments.
    There are a lot of reasons to be upset, we must find a single reason to be happy. We must look for happiness, we must seek for it. Because it is us who bears the pain and cries, none else! SO it is our duty to make and keep our self happy.

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  2. As one of my characters would say

    … “Emotions are garbage sometimes one needs to throw them away so they can pollute someone elses environment and hopefully be recycled into something useful.”


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