Listen Closely..


Leaving a note beside the lamp,
“I am running away, to search for the Devil,
I wanna see it, I wanna feel it”
She hurried to the driveway.
The night was dark, the weather was damp.
Eventually, she reached a camp.

There she saw a happy bon-fire feast,
The people there told her to stay,
As there was a Beast,
A beast which was too dangerous,
So please stay with us.

She stayed there that night,
But who knew when the sun will rise again?
No one did.
Everyday she was getting fed.
It was not edible, but it certainly was a food.
A kind of  food which had to be injected with a needle in her vein.
She came to know that she had been imprisoned in Satan’s reign.
And it had been three years since that night, and she was in great fright.

She craved and cried,
but the hunger did not die.
She ran to the field where the Satan lived,
She begged for her life,
But it was Satan!
He gave her a knife,
Telling her she had to choose,
Before the Sun rose…

She took the knife,
Soon there was blood in each and every scrap of the grass,
Her last words while she took her last breath was,
” I have not failed, I have accomplished,
I have found the Devil, you will not find it anywhere in
The Whole Universe,
Because it surely does reside in Us.”


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