For the love of my life !!!

You came into my life like a cold summer breeze ,
When I looked in your eyes even time seemed to freeze.

With your smile ,
You subdued my foolish fears ,
Made me happy and wiped away my tears.

You came in my life because of fate ,
I was filled with nothing but hate .
but somewhere down the road,
In you I found my soul mate.

I am now yours and you’re mine ,
Your smile sends shivers down my spine .
Your love is so fine
and happiness is something you redefine …

Euphoria was something I felt ,
When you first held my hand ,
My heart began to melt
and I smiled at what God had planned … for us.

So as I look at the horizon with you beside me ,
I pray to God you’ll stay with me forever
Because my search for the perfect girl is over…

( Dedicated to M ) πŸ™‚Β 


15 thoughts on “For the love of my life !!!

  1. Awwee!! This is a very ‘hopeful’ poem, if I may say. I love the hope in the eyes of the poet and I love how he has grown into the person that finally can relate when everything comes to a circle. It is a very deep poem with a very strong background, silently being referenced to ( ” I was filled with nothing but hate .” ). It is not about finding love, it is the reason to stay in love and giving another shot at it. I think it’s about realizing that God has better plans for us and thus, if we lose something and feel hurt..we must not complain but be compassionate and patient because God has better plans than us. The extremely mature line that has really grown into me is this particular one:
    “and I smiled at what God had planned … for us.” Firstly, it is about self-realization. Then it is about having a flashback and then thinking how it all comes together like a perfect symphony (then you smile). The nail in the head was the (“… for us”). Why? Because you could have just written it straight in one sentence but you didn’t. You chose to take a breathe of relief before saying “us”. The dots always have a reason and in this particular one, it is so very beautiful. ^_^ It feels as if you look deeply or stare insight-fully at the vision of God in your mind and silently thanking Him before saying “us” because finally it is not just a lonely “YOU”…it’s a beautifully worked out fate of “US”. I know my ideas may look scattered and absurd but that’s a really wonderful piece. I like how you take a moment to think before you write and care about the story-telling and connecting to the readers. Great job and I am glad you wrote after so long. Keep writing no matter what and make sure to show it to “Ms.M”. ^_^ Trust me, no efforts go unappreciated,especially when it comes to relationship. Every little detail matters. Beautifully written. Stay blessed.

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  2. Omg *_* I cannot thank you enough because this means a lot to me .

    This is my first happy or as you said “hopeful” poem and I really tried to tell a story about me which you could understand.

    It is about giving love another shot and trusting God.

    And for the line β€œand I smiled at what God had planned … for us.” … You are absolutely right. It always used to be me alone but now we’re together so “us” . and the dots were used for the same reason you said i.e a sigh of relief.

    Thanks again Anika for such an insightful and wonderful comment.
    Thanks for the advice . Hope she likes it too. πŸ™‚


    1. Nahian, your poem reminds me the feelings I had when I fell in love for the first time. The simplicity in your word choice, rhyming and arranging the ideas made it highly sophisticated.

      But I regret to say that what Anika said, ‘no efforts go unappreciated’ is only half true.

      I really enjoyed reading your poem. Keep up the good work πŸ˜€ ~your new fan!

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