Saving The World

Human brains are an amazing feat of Allah’s creation. Everyone is hardwired with the power to process information at incredible speeds and countless other built-in functions that allow one to perform complex actions. One these functions is called “Denial”. Denial is the reason no one is terrified of death being a possibility at any moment of the day; it helps one focus on the more immediate problems in hand, that one believes he or she can solve, like going to school on time or deciding whether A or B is the right answer. It keeps the worst of one’s fears locked away and helps one maintain sanity. But today, Denial may destroy the world.

Just imagine: if you glimpsed the future and saw something horrifying, what would you do? Hide? Run to your family and do everything you can to keep them safe? Prepare yourself for what was to come? You definitely would. Your Denial would be triggered off. But then, the world would think you are crazy; a madman panicking for no apparent reason. You can show them all the facts you want but the only ones they would believe would be the ones that keeps their factories running and riches growing.

Unfortunately, the horrifying future you saw was not frightening because of a formidable monster or an alien invasion – that would have been something to worry about – but what you saw was, merely, climate change. No big deal. Scientists have been ranting about that crap for years, what’s so important about another kid going crazy over it?

Now, what if you could skip this attitude entirely? What if you could fly over all the negligence and plant the idea of impending doom in everyone’s mind? In reality, the planting has already been done. Almost everyone is aware of global warming and its consequences. The awareness campaign was a success. Sadly, the prospect of imminent doom seems have to been received like a child receiving a lollipop. It has become a source of entertainment; a theme for video games and a plot base for novels. The entire world happily embraced the idea of the apocalypse and are now are running towards it with blissful ignorance.

But why? What reasonable human being would not be terrified of the potential destruction of everything they love? As it turns out, any human being with Denial hardwired in their brains can do so. The fears are all kept locked up and hidden, as if looking the other way will make the monster go away. Glaciers are melting, animals are dying off, forests are turning to sand and none of us seem to be taking the hint; all because that horrifying future you saw asks nothing of us today.

It is 2015 and we have had enough sleep. Every moment there is a possibility of creating a better future; all we have to do is wake up. It is time to get up and start moving. The time has come to switch Denial off and do something about it. In fact, some of us have already begun to do so in homes, businesses and organizations all around the world. Now, it is up to us to put our leaders into motion; to set the people, wielding the power to manage resources, on the task; to make long-term commitments to fight climate change. The time has come for us to act. After all, it is about saving the world. Let’s start right here, right now.


6 thoughts on “Saving The World

  1. Okay…THIS is one of the most EMPOWERING and POWERFUL posts/essays/articles (whatever you may call) I have seen in this group in a while. Like seriously, if this is initially and entirely written by you then HATS OFF! This is an eye-opening article and I loved all the examples that have been used to enable/help us connect to our current lives. It is very important and it is funny how we try to look the other way or put our blankets all covered up to protect us from the darkness that WE are actually CHOOSING (unconsciously /consciously) to walk towards. I love it from the introduction till the conclusion. I don’t know if I should laugh or what that we “think” that it is not affecting us and is happening far away and we are safe at our homes. The attitude of “we will do something once it is knocking on our doors” and choosing to be ignorant is going to lead us to our own doom. A genius piece and I would make sure to share this awaking post. Yes, the time is NOW.

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    1. It is mentioned in the Holy Quran that humans are the best of Allah’s creation. Ashraful Makhlukat. That does not mean we get to do whatever we please with the earth’s resources. We are the best of creations when we have the qualities of a human being, the first of which is humanity. Let’s say in a family of many children, you are the strongest child. Wielding that strength, you take all the food that your Mom gives you along with all that is given to your brothers and sisters. You let them starve. Is that humane? i think not.

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  2. If I write like a pianist, you write like the vocals. This is accurate and eye opening to the point that it hurts. Enough to get us moving, at least. I think it’d be best to not brrod over the perfection in this piece and ACTUALLY do something about this change. So, I’ll keep it to that. 🙂


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