Oh Well….

My Present gave me a present
As my Past passed me by.
My Future gave me a fearful look
As Time whispered “Try!”

The Lost Memories haunt me;
The Hate hunts me down.
I’ve also heard lately
That Mr. Love is in town.

My Heart skips a beat
As my Mind goes all numb.
My Career takes a leap
And up goes the Thumb.

Among-st all this Chaos
My Pride grows obese;
A part of Me is lost
For her, “Rest in Peace”.

–Anika Neela  (@BlessTheBliss)



3 thoughts on “Oh Well….

  1. I love this so much! So simple but tells that story perfectly. I know cause i know the story.
    I don’t think i have to say anything because you get all the praise you deserve.
    And you already blew off the roof, flying towards the sky. Love you. Tui best.

    Liked by 1 person

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