-For Gaga-

Innocent jovial smile, cheeky eyes,

It’s been too long, time flies.

My soul still denies 

the fact, I won’t see you again.

From the day it all started 

till the day you departed

All the memories began,

to play in my mind

as my soul struggles to find, sanity

weighing down my shoulders were 

Responsibility, Purity.

Oh love! but i loved it entirely

every bit of it, subliminally.

You calmed a storm

with your presence, so intensely warm.

Caught everyone’s breath, with utter grace,

O darling! cause of you everyone embraced

Love & affection.

Your voice echos in my empty heart.

Never thought fate would tear us apart,

like this.

after you brought all the purity and bliss.

I am inevitably selfish enough not to let you go

As maturity crept on me, I began to grow

along with your memories, that immensely flow.

You took away the halcyon days with you,

left us so blue.

I love you eternally, and i know you do too.

Hope to reunite in Heaven, Gaga.

Don’t worry the time is almost here,

for then, take care.


I hate saying goodbye..

–Samara Hasan–


One thought on “-For Gaga-

  1. Okay..this is a very mature piece. Not only that, it is also a very well-thought and well-arranged poetry. I love it. I bet you should have added that dance you did for your younger brother in OIS with it. :’) You are such a precious sister and seeing your brother through your eyes make me fall in love with him a little more everyday. I am certain that your brother is looking down upon you from the Heaven and really feeling the bliss of having you as a sister. This poem is not just about a brother, but how this brother influenced a relationship and helped a person grow a lot mature than before. It shows growth, realization, acceptance, love and fate. I can see how you have poured your heart out in it and wrote this piece not in tears, but with a smile of hope. I love it, honestly! I think each and every post that you write has its own unique style and creativity attached to it and you come with new surprises every time. You impress me all the time with these creative pieces. There is no doubt that this is a very great poem but I have my own favorite parts of it. One of them is :
    “Don’t worry the time is almost here,

    for then, take care.


    I hate saying goodbye..”

    It shows the great sense of rhythm and meter you possess. I mean seriously, I was not expecting the last two lines to go so well. It came out great together and I loved it. It is flawless, darling. :*


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