I wonder…

Life. These four letters hide thousands of secrets. But for our generation, it’s a little different. They think it’s a movie. And they think themselves as the stars and form their own constellation, but sometimes this constellation becomes the cause of their destruction….


15 thoughts on “I wonder…

  1. Woah *_* damn. So small and such deep meanings.
    and yes people do think themselves and others as stars and think there are many more and try to form their own constellation and get destroyed in the process. I really loved how you kept it really short but expressed your thoughts. An awesome piece overall. Keep writing and hoping to see more of your writings  

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  2. I love it! I like the way you thought and expressed it. I love how you connected life with a movie (drama,attitude,tone) and then made the “stars” sound like a pun which connects or relates to both the situation. I love how it all comes together like a beautiful symphony. I adore the tone that you used which is a little gentle and calm as if it is coming from a very wise and experienced person. It holds an individuality and it stands out. The concluding line is indeed very interesting…I love how it ends with a perspective of a result. Nicely done. Looking forward to so much more. I am already very excited after reading this. Best of luck. One tiny thought : I absolutely love the title but I would suggest something like “L-I-F-E” or “Projection” or something like that. Because I feel the writer is not “wondering” but “projecting a way of seeing”. But then again, it is raw,fresh and creative and so, it does leave the readers “wondering this wonderful piece” if not the writer! 😉

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