Mime: Sarcastic Body Language

Tête-à-tête theatrics unspoken

Don’t fix what’s not broken…

Our tacit agreement:

profess, duress, repent, resent.

For all that and more I have you to thank

my veritable anti-trust bank!

Hearts are a form of

passive lifeblood currency,

Legal tender saving us

from emotional bankruptcy.

My habitual spender,

you have once more proven to be

a miserly lender…


4 thoughts on “Mime: Sarcastic Body Language

  1. It was a very critical way of writing, I suppose and those vocabulary, wow! haha I had to look up most words in this poem and so, my perspective might be very wrong and understanding might be poor regarding it but yes, sarcasm was ruling this piece for sure. I felt as if it was from a person who’s been left/abandoned/ cheated on/betrayed/back stabbed/went through a horrible break up or something like that. These lines were a bit vague to my understanding and would appreciate a small help in understanding :
    “Hearts are a form of

    passive lifeblood currency,

    Legal tender saving us

    from emotional bankruptcy.”

    I think I got the last stanza which talks about the person who has hurt and acknowledges how stupid it was of him to fall for that person who has never really valued his heart/misused or taking advantage of him/tricked or manipulated him etc. “you have once more proven to be

    a miserly lender…” These two lines show that this is not the first time it has happened and this mistake was repeated by the same person once more even after getting few chances. An interesting read.

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  2. I commoditized hearts/love passing it off as ‘currency’. Lifeblood is brought up here because I wanted the audience to realize just how much has been given up by the narrator to make his significant other happy for a change and also because it is literally impossible to live without a heart. The word ‘Passive’ has a connotative meaning which is yielding…pliable or meek… this shows just how easy it was for the person to pluck what she wanted from the narrator’s heart.

    Legal tender is a verified as coins or banknotes that must be accepted as a repayment of debt.
    Here the debt is a debt of gratitude or emotion… one sided love.. you could say…

    the emotional bankruptcy comes in because this one sided affair has proved to be taxing on the narrator and to meet up the deficit he needs the girl’s help but she has ‘once again proved to be a miserly lender’ … whereas she is ‘spending’ all of his emotions with a carefree attitude…

    there’s only so much you can do for someone…

    the saying goes, “The more you do for others, the less you can do for yourself.”

    Good analysis… hope I could help 🙂

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