I’m Fine….

Pitch black darkness,

Nothing there to be seen.

But, are you sure?

Take a closer look.

There in the corner,

Curled up into a tight ball,

Laid a girl….

But that’s not it,

Go towards her.

Body shudders from silent sobs,

Chest heaves unevenly,

Breathing appears constipated,

She grasps desperately for air.

Is she alright?

Hair clings to face,

Eyes swollen,

Tears fall,

Nose red,

Lips quiver,

Mouth mimes an unspoken plea.

Step nearer to her.

Eyes become cold & empty,

Blank expression dawns upon face,

Lips draw into a straight line

Takes a deep breath.

The only answer she gives is,

“I’m fine……”


4 thoughts on “I’m Fine….

  1. You nailed it with that title! Iean seriously…I loved how you expressed that compex statement of “I am fine” by a person who is hurt. I love it. It is extremely well portrayed and described. You have shown how depression can result or maybe have already started to influence the girl. I love it how she says “she’s fine” and how detailed it is explained how badly she needs love. When you wrote “she gasps for air”..it shows how hard she was crying that she is running out of air. Nice.

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