Ask yourself.


Imagine you are back in kindergarten. It is the beginning of the day and you are having a quick chat with your friends before the teacher arrives. Suddenly, a new kid comes in. You can tell from his appearance that he is not a regular kid. Technically, he is wearing the proper uniform but it seems to be a bit over-sized for his skinny, small body. He has slippers instead of shoes and his entire apparel, although clean, seems old and worn out – quite odd for a newcomer. You see him looking around wondrously, marveling at every single detail of the classroom. He eventually finds a seat but keeps shuffling uncomfortably, definitely feeling out of place. It takes you a while but, eventually, you deduce that he belongs to a very underprivileged family. His eyes keep scanning the room until they finally fall upon yours.

Now comes the moment…

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One thought on “Ask yourself.

  1. Oh wow! ^_^ These articles are really tempting me to be a part of this wonderful project. I can’t believe amongst all the wrongs,obstacles,problems and unrest…there are some little groups putting bigger efforts for something great. One step at a time but we need to take a step first,at least! I love it and I really respect this initiative. Always been one of my favs. This article not only makes the reader empathetic,emotional and inspired…but also gravitated towards the idea of change and hope. There can be no questions nor doubts about how wonderfully it has been written but one of my favorite parts is when you ask two realistic questions,holding onto both the facts and perspectives: “Do you frown of smile at him….” This paragraph consists of so many eye-opening rhetorical questions. I mean seriously…it could even change the mind of anyone and be truly appealed by this approach. Secpndly, the question in the last paragraph. Honestly, I have little hopes in the system but greater hope in the children’s effort and grit. Surely, they CAN if only they are made “able” by their RIGHTS. A great write. Thanks for sharing it.

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