After letting it go

Marvelous halcyon days

passes in a blink, as the sun slays

the memories,  like you used to say

‘let’s catch up’ .

I’m already at the Simon’s Bay.

Fears of love distorted and conquered.

Some show its worth, some seems absurd.

Surfed the ups and downs of life.

Got flesh wounds from its knife,

To prove my desire, 

That was lit by the hell fire.

–Samara Hasan–


3 thoughts on “After letting it go

  1. Honestly I can’t help but mention how much I admire your vocabulary. I always have to Google some definitions while reading your posts which hopefully will enrich my vocab as well. I absolutely love this poem because it is beautifully penned. I love how you describe a situation and let the elements describe your mood. It is a very smart and artistic approach towards poetry. I love how you are reflecting back on a “halcyon” memory (I hope I used that vocab in the right sentence). Okay..I need another word for “love” because I love all the lovely posts by lovely people here! XD That title is very striking yet calm. Extremely impressive trick (if I may say) you used in the last two lines of the first stanza. You used quotation marks for “let’s catch up” but then you closed it and proceeded with the line “I’m already at the Simon’s Bay”. Now..I would like to appreciate two things. A wonderful allusion beautifully used. Secondly,the cleverness that you used with that quotation mark! Let me explain how I perceive it so smart and bold: if you would have continued the quotation marks and closed it with the last line of the first stanza…the meaning would stand something like this that the guy want’s to catch up and is letting u know that he is waiting at the Simon’s Bay for you! Now what is extremely smart here is that you didn’t do that?! chose to close it with ” let’s catch up” which appears to the reader as if now it is YOU who is standing at the Simon’s Bay and taking a walk at the memorylane! I absolutely love it! Gosh! This move adds more emotions and empathy to the poem and for the author. This is a great work of art! #HatsOff darling. You never cease to amaze me.


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