A Simple Point of View


About a month ago, some guy asked me if I’d like to teach kids. I was like, ‘Yeah, sure, why not? I always like a source of income’. Then he explained it to me. It was not like home tutoring for a monthly income. It was about going to a place and teaching a group of kids for free! Nevertheless, I still agreed. ‘It will be a useful experience’ I thought, ‘something to add into my list of ECA’.

Then it was time for us to meet the kids we were going to teach. They were children from poor families. Boys and girls whose parents could not afford  high quality education for them. Let me clarify, they were underprivileged children.

Before I met those kids, I anticipated that it was going to be a fruitless thing to do, teaching kids we don’t usually care about everyday. Then I got to…

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