Dark ink in a black board,
Needed time, couldn’t afford.
Sore throat, with heavy eyes,
said a lot of nasty goodbyes.
Maybe this is what was meant to be,
who knows?
That’s all I could see.
This is what life bestows.

Scribbled a love letter
Realized, deleted
to keep things better.
Pale face, loose jeans,
Lost in the broken screens.
Kaleidoscope of memories
Came crashing down,
time froze, felt like passing through centuries.
Flash of Halcyon days, left a permanent frown.

Bitter for the better,
Kept myself in self shelter.
Tired of my own misbehavior
At the end, I was my own savior.

–Samara Hasan–


4 thoughts on “-Savior-

  1. Wow. This is fascinating. The tone , the rhymes and the words used. At first I would like to point out 2 particular parts of the poem which left a mark and stood out in the poem.

    1. “Dark ink in a black board,
    Needed time, couldn’t afford.”
    This is a really deep thought written in such simple words …

    2.” Pale face, loose jeans,
    Lost in the broken screens.

    This is really deep and maybe you meant the people now are pale and focused in their phones i.e screens. Staying inactive or disorganised. or Maybe you didnt. Either way the poem made me think so its really reallyyy great as many poems these days just have flow and no real meanings.

    But the best part is the last line
    ” At the end, I was my own savior.”
    I always read that Nobody can save you unless you save yourself so it was just that. It really connected to me.

    It was a really good poem and I loved it.   Really appreciate you sharing your poems with us.
    I really am looking forward to reading more of your works. Keep writing and sharing.

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  2. You have absolutely NO idea how much you keep me sane!! Like…you know all my crazy moments and all the advices that I listen and ignore and do the opposite and you still love me like no other. We are like soul sisters and I KNOW…I KNOW what exactly is this poem about. Okay, on a reader’s note…this poem is extremely brave. It talks about own problems,own flaws and own situations. I love how you put all these together. I love how you talk so hopeless at first but then end it with a bang of confidence and self-sanity. You know what? Sometimes we appreciate the hope in people more when it comes from amongst a cave of hopelessness. I know you are reaching out for light and I know all the…well, but I can’t really “know”…!! You are an inspiring lady..just like this poem. You are one of those very few who never fails…at least, not give up. I absolutely love this. Thank you for writing this. Thank YOU!!! This makes me stronger…and this is an empowering poem. I am my own savior…!! Keep writing and pour your heart out. :* ” Bitter for the better”

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