I don’t get it..

She loved him with all her heart,

At first crush and later love.

A dark, strong face held she,

Touching the cloud would be,

The only impossible when came..

His name.

Her love overflowed, yet so selfish was he

They were good friends.

Neigh, ‘friends’ ain’t suitable, for no name is able,

To but explain their relation.

Is his moral then,

“Precious things are meant to be used”?

She knowingly gets hurt at the end

But always gets even more happy

At his pull!

I don’t get it,

Play with a girl’s feelings?

-Arin Rahman


3 thoughts on “I don’t get it..

  1. Okay…this is an eye-opening poem. It is very realistic and it balances the emotions of the girl and also the author (since the author seems to be the 3rd person). I loved how you emphasized on how the girl’s emotions are fragile and how that boy felt and expressed,if not said “precious things are meant to be used”… Excellently carried out. I loved it! I enjoyed the read. I felt it was a much needed topic. It could have been about an abusive relationship too…trust me,not all abuse is physical but the impact that is left by the abuser on the victim is horrifying.

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