The world is synchronized,
The pain is shared,
I wish I could take it all away,
Pour me your suffering,
I can handle the pain ,
Please don’t refrain.

Give it all ,
Please take the fall ,
I promise I will catch you ,
I know your heart’s broken but I have some glue ,
The pain is always true.

Maybe I don’t deserve the pain
but then I survive being insane.

My tears fall like waves crashing against the shoreline ,
I keep saying I am fine
but then again
Everyone needs a person they can call mine.

Without you I feel broken and hollow ,
The guilt of making you leave me is too hard for me to swallow.

So I say all this trying to make amends ,
because at least we can be friends…


9 thoughts on “Amends.

  1. Woah! That is something…On a technical observation,at first I couldn’t find the flow but then after coming to the next stanza,I certainly did! I realized you rhymed the first and last pairs of lines in a stanza and left the middle pair to stand out. Nice…!! I love the concluding lines the most!! on my perspective. I felt it was more of a story-telling poetry,which is amazing. In the beginning, I felt as if the writer is trying to reach out to someone ( he doesn’t know ) in pain…then it gradually proceeds to a point where it seems like a trust-worthy relationship is building on and then the twist creeps in with the end where we realize that the writer is the person who is responsible for lending the pain….but so that we ponder no hate/negative essence regarding any characters…it seems as if the writer wants to repent..or has changed or has evolved to the idea of giving another chance to the relationship,we start respecting the character back. The poetry starts with a brpad idea of philosophy of the world and ended with the philosophy of life and human nature. The tone does sound desperate which perfectly complements the storyline of the poetry. I loved this piece because it felt like a part of you reaching out…it imitated a personality and I loved it as a whole. It was a good read for me. Keep writing more!!

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    1. I love how you just get what I was trying to say through the poem. I tried to “dedicate” it to someone 🙂 so it is kinda a story. and it is exactly what you said. :’) From wanting to repent to try to reach out. 🙂
      Thanks a lot for your kind words. Have a good day and bless you … ^_^


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