Oh my! Oh dear! Oh god! *Sighs*

No, no, no……

Listen. Yes, you there! I have something very important to tell ya!

I think I may have committed a big crime…

You have to listen to everything I say, okay?

Don’t even think about uttering a single word until I finish.

Got that?

Good! Well…. I …..I grabbed….no, no….. got hold of ‘em with both hands.

These two hands… *holds up both hands* see?

Then….. I dug my nails in like this *mimics claws* and …and I peeled the skin off.

Oh my my….. peeling of the red skin revealed a white interior!

Damnnn….. just imagine that… *looks off into distance*

Somehow! My hands…. found a knife…. A big knife!

I have no idea what possessed me but … but I sliced ‘em into half!

It stung my eyes so bad! Tears brimmed my eyes and…and threatened to spill!

Completely lost it after that…. Started chopping ‘em into pieces. *Shrugs*

By then tears were shamelessly streaming down my cheeks.

Didn’t bother stopping. Nope, not at all.

Damn…. It felt so good when it was all over. *Sighs in bliss*

Woah ….. whoa! You alright, mate?

Damn man…. You look like you’ve just seen a ghost….

Woah … wait! A ghost?? What? Where?

*looks around worried*

Waitttt…… hold up….no no man…. Why are you backing away from me? *points to self*

Oh oh! No no man…… no I didn’t murder no man…… it was just some onions!

Just onions! See? *Shows bowl full of chopped onions*


6 thoughts on “Crime

  1. Haha I laughed the humour and the smartness it possessed. This poem was a winner for me! I loved how you imitated a murder…oh yeah..a murder did take place…but not of a human being but of an onion. How cool is that?! I loved the accent, the tone and the EXPRESSION. I mean seriously it was the nail in the head. I mean, very few people can actually put expressions in a poetry and I just loved how you added drama and communication at the same time. You connected with the reader using rhetorical questions and I loved how the poetry starts with a serious and sincere persuasion that you must be eager and interested to listen to what I got to say. I felt as if it was a conversation between two best friends gossiping and the other person wants to say it but also wants to make sure the other person is interested..!! I love the creativity it holds. Great job girl!

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