Note To Self

His heart is broken:
His dreams scattered
His faith shattered.

Her soul is shaken:
Her love betrayed
Her life strayed.

His mind is lost:
His beliefs twisted
His thoughts misted.

Her goal is tossed:
Her grit faded
Her ideas traded.

But…Did you notice?

Both of them got sorrows
None shared,none borrowed.
But yet none of them is dead
Life’s much like a thread.
The journey can be tough
The roads maybe rough.
But it’s okay to fall weak
To face climax at its peak.
Just hold on my dear
And cherish all your tears
Cause when you become old
Those memories can’t be sold.


5 thoughts on “Note To Self

  1. Oh wow *_* . This is such a good poem especially the part “Both of them got sorrows
    None shared,none borrowed.”
    and the best part of your writing is how common words you use and sometimes how perfectly describing words you use ( not only for this but other writings as well).
    I am in writing uhm maximum of about 10-11 months and I swear you are one of the three reasons or should I say persons who inspired me to write more and try harder . SO I can’t thank you enough because it really means a lot to me that a person’s writing can have such an affect on my life.
    Keep writing and sharing . ^_^

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Awwee!! :’) You have been consistently generous with your words to me and I thank you whole heartedly for that. That means a lot that you have put so much thought into your comment and also the fact that you read my other poems from the allpoetry website. I am glad that our paths crossed and I am blessed if I have had any impact on your life. May God bless you. Yes, I know you meant it in a positive way but sometimes I am worried about my vocab and think as if I need to enrich it but then I get too lazy and get into my “nevermind” zone. Still, thank YOU!

      Liked by 1 person

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