Secret of yours…

You are nice to me,

You are magnanimous towards all.

People hurt you, in fact over and over

Yet you do not thorn them

You are able to endure every sorrow?

Does sorrow and grief bind your life?

I get you not!

Your name defines “excellence”

Goodness surrounds you

Are you so overwhelmed of being not able to express!

Any emotion any longer?

Uniqueness encircles you

How come?

I wanna know the secret

Come and whisper it in my ears!

-Arin Rahman


8 thoughts on “Secret of yours…

  1. 😉 Was it on my uniqueness? Kidding!! I know you love me but it is not about me. Excellent!! I can’t believe I missed out so much that I never noticed the art of poetry in you! Okay, coming to this wonderful post…I LOVED IT! I love how this poem is telling a story but also describing a actual character. The idea is not scattered nor getting faded. In fact, it eventually evolves into an ideal individual but still you focus on the depth of the person’s personality and you notice the pain he/she tries to hide within and you try to explore that pain and be a friend. I love how you complement the author’s character with the character that is being introduced in the poem. It also relates to one personal or a phase of a person’s life. It is an incredible piece and GIRL, YOU NEED TO WRITE MORE!! I love it and want to read more. Stay blessed and keep writing.

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    1. omg you are even more perfect,girl. your smile says it all 😉 so thankyou so much for taking out time to read these silly little pieces XD aaaaand you encourage me at the same timeee. Lots of love,sweets :*


  2. I think you accidentally used a ‘h’ instead of an ‘n’… so not became hot .. :p and it is bind instead of bound…

    now that we have that out of the way… let’s move on the to the stuff which actually matters… the meaning…

    to me it is not about another person but rather an interior monologue. Socrates said, ‘Know thyself’… and that is what I imagine the narrator is doing…

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