Behind the façade you see,
Behind the smile so sweet,
Behind the eyes that twinkle,
Behind a laugh so contagious.

All that’s seen is so beautiful
And naïve,
Who would ever think what lies beneath,
Was a being so broken beyond repair.

Truth is what happens under a roof,
Behind closed doors,
In the corner,
Drowned by other noises,
In the dark.

What is done is not for others,
Not for the sympathy,
But for their own sake,
To keep their sanity.

Never is a second thought given
To the deception,
Not a single being to help the broken
Soul when needed…..



7 thoughts on “Facade

  1. Absolutely mind blowing!! I can’t believe that this poem is so impressive that I am left with awe and without words. Truly from a pen of a thoughtful and thought-provoking writer. I really gravitated to your title and how you did just to the poem in relation to the title and vise versa. I truly adore this,if I may say,perfect poem: perfect length,perfect words used,perfect timing and perfectly expressed theme. Your concluding stanza was extremely well executed. I loved it! I loved how it is empathetic and is reaching out to the soul of the readers and feeding their minds and hearts with the utmost sympathy it can offer. It might not heal a heart but it does address the scars that we all share in a way but still insist and make an effort to hide. These are purely my perspective and I can be wrong. I am so proud of your writing and so glad that you are a part of this great team. I hope to read more from you. Great job!

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    1. Thank you ^_^ To be honest I kind of wrote in a spur of the moment. I remember having a really bad mood and somehow I went into a trance and ending up writing. 🙂 And it helped! 😀 I’m glad that you like it. I’m privileged to a part of this great group ^_^


  2. Behind is repeated 5 times in the poem. As kakashi hatake in naruto once said, “Behind this mask is … another mask!”

    isn’t it sort of tough to help someone if they don’t tell you something is wrong?

    Not all of us are lucky enough to study psychology 101 and know something is up 😦

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    1. I agree that it is tough to help someone if they don’t let you help them. :/ But I guess not everyone is good at expressing their emotions. And sometimes the reason why people don’t ask for help is only because they don’t want the society to know and judge. Most of the times, no one asks for help because they want to seem weak :/

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