The Choice of Steins;Gate

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Sometimes, it’s not about learning from your mistakes
It’s about living them, again and again
Till your too tired to go on.

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5 thoughts on “The Choice of Steins;Gate

    1. That’s a great thing. For Steins;Gate it’s a bit different. The protagonist consciously decides to live the same days over and over again, because there is something he wants to do right. And he has the means to do it. Pretty technical means. Search it up if you’re into Sci Fi. That series nailed it.


    1. Truth be told, it took me a whole lot more than it usually takes to get past the first episode. It starts out in a way that makes you want to leave that boring and spooky place and never come back. By the end, though, you just love everyone. Especially the jell bananas and kurigohan kamehameha. :p

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