Personality Is Beauty

I cannot tell you the difference between beauty and personality, although I can definitely tell you the uncanny similarities between both of them.

I am going to be thoroughly honest to you throughout this article. So therefore, I must beseech you not to judge me by my past self I am going to write about. Who I am now is a result of a boy who has learned from his mistakes.

When you are an aesthetic human being, pride comes naturally. Although it is up to you to alter your ego and build a finer personality, or you could just feed it with more pride and arrogance.

I am going to tell you about how recognizing a person’s personality and acknowledging them changes the way you view them.
I have a friend whose name is, Shakawat, for instance. During a certain physics class Shakawat abandoned my company to sit with a mediocre looking gal. At first she looked kind of ugly to me. So personally, I thought, “What the heck is that jack-ass doing? Has he lost his sense of pride, good taste in women? What the hell is he doing with that ugly-looking chick?”
Then, I had to meet her myself. Being modest as I was and still am, I made acquaintance with her. Being friends with Shakawat meant that I had to see more of her.
Surprisingly, the more I got to see her and know her, the prettier she became. The more I got to learn of her true nature, the pleasanter it became for me to lay my eyes on her. Her face glowed even among the most prettiest group of girls. Her presence radiated comfort and happiness.

On the contrary, it is exactly opposite with some of the beautiful people we often come across. Their personality is so rotten that even their million dollar face reeks of garbage. Not only it is difficult to communicate comfortably with them, it becomes hard to look at their faces and not feel bad about it. It stinks of pride and arrogance.

I still remember how much I liked that girl when we were in class 8. She was so slim and sexy like she was almost perfect…But the moment she spoke her first few sentences in front of me instantly changed the way I thought of her.
From then on her appearance was unpleasant to look at, her presence made me uncomfortable and her scent was suffocating. I avoided her.

One day I wish to find a person who is equally as beautiful as her personality. It might be hard but not impossible. Am I right?


6 thoughts on “Personality Is Beauty

  1. I believe that as people, we want both-inner and outside beauty. Which is okay, if you ask me so both our soul and our likes for a person would be satisfied. It kind of reminds of Greek mythology’s idea of a perfect human-inner and outside beauty but also-beautiful mind as well.
    I believe that a person is more than just personality and looks. Personality comes from the heart & soul, inner beauty comes from genes (sometimes surgery). Beautiful mind comes from our ability & desire to better ourselves as thinkers. If we exclude that, we’re just either pretty or with good personality, rarely being both or neither.

    When talking about this, we should also include the mind. 🙂 As for finding the person-I am sure that one day they’ll come. I wish I could tell you an exact date 🙂

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    1. That is a beautiful thought from a beautiful person 🙂 thank you.
      Maybe one day the myth itself will walk into my monochromatic reality in the form of a human and render it joyously colorful…or perhaps, maybe not. However our priority is to be that kind of a person himself/herself.

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  2. So, I just woke up and read this… and this made my day!! Alhamdulillah. Thank YOU so much for writing such a sincere piece of thought,if I may say. I absolutely salute this and its author. There is absolutely NO scope for altering it any other way (my opinion). It grows so much respect for you in my heart,truly inspiring. People grow and people know. Sometimes people grow by age and experiences and sometimes people grow through enlightenment and acknowledgement. This piece grew from both which left me speechless. This thing is growing on me,which is a great thing! I know I write way too long responses for people,I will try to keep it short (fingerscrossed) but I can’t stop myself from really appreciating it. Pride and arrogance are same yet different for me. I try to stay down to earth but I am not a perfect human being so,yeah. I repeat I have so much more to learn and reading this kinda writings help me stay motivated. What I can say from the two writings I have read so far “Her Bleeding Lips” and this “Personality is Beauty”… I can tell that YOU posses a beautiful personality..Insha Allah someday, you will indeed get blessed with whom you are looking for. Stay blessed and keep writing.

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    1. People are getting the wrong idea about me finding THE ONE 😛 When I wrote it, i meant that i wished to witness the existence of a being who is perfect in both his/her mind and appearance.
      Thank you for your opinions on this article.
      By the way, don’t people like me keep you from doing your thing. No one has the authority to tell you to limit your comment contents. The bigger the better. Nowadays no one even bats an eye while you read it thoroughly and leave a thoughtful comment. That is not only rare, but an extremely valuable trait of a great personality.


  3. Just want to say your article is as astounding. The clearness in your post is simply great and i can assume you’re an expert on this subject. Well with your permission let me to grab your feed to keep up to date with forthcoming post. Thanks a million and please carry on the gratifying work.

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