How Boring!

“I died, it was boring, and so I stood up…”

What a perfectly inspiring dialogue!

Leave it to the comic books to invigorate our spirited youth.

It’s a great deal of fun to cheer our heroes on even when they’ve taken a beating isn’t it?

Yet I want  each of you to ask yourselves, how many real world heroes keep getting back up?

Life is like a boxing ring. Once the referee counts to 10, you’re out.


2 thoughts on “How Boring!

  1. That introductory lines are AMAZING! I have never heard of it. This was short and yet left me with deeper thoughts and reasons to contemplate. It was wisely executed and concluded. I admire it very much. ^_^ The rhetorical questions were the heroes of this piece of your writing. Nice!! That title is an attention grabber!! Nailed it.

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